Handpicked Informants Working for Joe Biden


Joe Biden has lost the ability to engage on a cognitive level mentally. He is constantly messing up names, places, and procedures. The Democrats want to keep on telling the country that everything is just fine with the man. But when he sits in a crowded room, and people have to keep telling him to stay quiet, it is evident that something is wrong upstairs.

For some time, the country has suspected that Biden’s scripts were being prepared for him. Questions were preloaded with the press, so they knew exactly what to ask. The reporters had to stay in order, so Biden knew which answer to read. Any question read out of order would confuse the old man, and his staff would have to clarify what he stated later in the day.

But none of these so-called secrets are ever to be talked about. Biden’s staff will deny that it takes place, and the media is quiet. The American people are being lied to as to the health of their aged president. In the end, it will be the people that will suffer for his incompetent secret.

Biden is not known for his ability to keep secrets this late in his life. Words and thoughts flow out of his mouth. His wife and staff are either oblivious to his condition or using him for selfish purposes. No one in their right frame of mind should ever let a man seemingly losing his mind make decisions for world power. But when liberals are drunk for power, they will do anything to get it.

Biden was trying to muddle his way through a speech last week when he inadvertently admitted that his speeches are prepared ahead of time, and all the questions that he is asked are handed out to reporters and asked in order can follow along. Joe Biden is a school-aged kid being told what to say by his authority.

Biden always looks down at the podium right before he calls on a reporter. He does this. He can get the name right and know precisely which answer to read. He calls on each reporter from a Democratic-owned news agency that seemingly is willing to go along with the lie.

Biden stated very clearly, “I’ll take your questions and as usual, folks, they gave me a list of the people I’m going to call on.” And right there is when all the people on his staff drop their heads into their hands in disbelief. They all are exposed as coverup agents working to perpetuate a lie regarding the health of the president.

The reaction by people around the world was anything but sympathetic. There was certainly a vast difference between how Vladimir Putin conducted himself in front of people and how Biden handled himself.

Biden read the parts that were marked “do not read” on his sheet. The moment is one that the Democrats would love to put behind themselves as quickly as possible. But the world is not going to forget Biden’s screwed-up moment soon.

Putin came out on the scene and took questions for over 45 minutes. He did not have to read from a list. And people wonder why he was able to take advantage of Biden’s mental condition and get what he wanted out of him. Biden is a danger to himself and the country in his current mental state.

At one point, Biden got so frustrated that he snapped the head of a reporter that asked a question about Biden. Kaitlan Collins asked confidently, “Why are you so confident he’ll change his behavior, Mr. President?”

That question got her into hot water with Biden. He blew up and said, “I’m not confident he’ll change his behavior. Where the hell — what do you do all the time? When did I say I was confident?”

Biden’s frustration comes from deep within his mind as he cannot figure out why people question him all of the time. Anyone with dementia will get angry if people question them and act if they do not know what they are talking about.