Biden’s War Against Conservatives! Conservative Leader Arrested at Peaceful Protest in Arizona for Supporting Trump


Last week, a Chandler, Arizona school board meeting devolved into a serious argument. Steve Daniels is a brave patriot who happened to be on hand for the meeting and he was arrested for speaking his mind. He was upset that parents have been being barred from these meetings and that children are still being masked in schools.

Daniels is also worried about all of the schools that are adding critical race theory to their curriculum. We were able to view a live stream of the argument, thanks to Daniels. He posted the stream to his Facebook page, so that everyone could see exactly what was going on.

35 minutes into the video, an officer is seen speaking with him. “Can I ask you if would mind standing over here, so we can clear a path for you? I’m not going to ask you to stop doing anything else,” the officer asks. This seems innocent enough. Once Daniels gave in to the request, he decided to give an impassioned speech about the state of the nation.

He believes that conservative voices are being suppressed. It is hard to argue with that assessment at the moment. Things seemed okay at the 35-minute mark but by the time the 37-minute mark rolled around? Things had gotten much, much worse. The police had Daniels under arrest.

The man was arrested for merely speaking the truth and this is a sad day for all of the patriots who want to restore America to its former glory. If you would like to see the full stream, be sure to check it out on his Facebook page. If not for his willingness to record this moment himself, we already know what would be happening.

The mainstream media would have ran with this and acted like the use of police force was justified. That’s the most predictable outcome in these instances. Anyone who does not want to see critical race theory taught in schools is a racist. Anyone who wants children to be able to go to school without masks hates science and needs to be treated as a leper.

If the far left had their way, patriots like Daniels would never be allowed to speak out anymore. They want the messages that our children receive to be fully sanitized. The voices of people like Daniels are too powerful to be stopped and this story is the strongest recent example of that.

Why couldn’t the police let him say what he wanted to say? Whatever happened to free speech in this country? These are questions that need to be answered as quickly as possible. If this had been a leftist who wanted to go on a rant about white supremacy or something along those lines, they would have been allowed to speak to their heart’s content.

That’s what strikes us as being so unfair about all of this. Everyone should have the chance to express their point of view, without fear of being silenced or imprisoned. Otherwise, we find ourselves drifting further and further away from what America is supposed to be. This is supposed to be a country where everyone can say what they wish to say without reprisal.

Of course, this is exactly what the police want us to think now. You see how they tricked this patriot right here. They let him believe that he was going to be okay and then as soon as he said something that they did not like? The handcuffs came out. This is a chilling vision of the future in this country.

Anyone who thinks that these stories are going to become less commonplace is fooling themselves. The far left has gotten a taste of what it is like to silence conservative thinkers and they are loving every second of it. This is Biden’s America now and the divisions are only going to get worse and worse as time goes on.