Biden’s America! Father of 3 Shot While Jogging in Atlanta High-End Neighborhood


Sad stories like this one are becoming all too common in America these days. A person should be able to jog wherever they want, within reason, of course. Now, a 41 year old (who is also a father of 3) is being tended to because of yet another senseless shooting. According to police, the assailant “may have been suffering from some type of mental health crisis.”

This is where the experts are supposed to chime in and let us know that mental health professionals could have stopped this. All of that is of little solace to Andrew Worrell. He has been shot in the leg and the hip while jogging in a high-end Atlanta neighborhood. We were told that these things did not happen in places like Buckhead, though.

Anne Worrell, his wife, has posted about the shooting on Facebook. It sounds like a harrowing experience but we are glad that Andrew has lived to tell the tale. “He thought they may be asking for directions so he stopped,’ she wrote. “The very tinted window rolled down and the guy pointed a gun at him and shot him, hit him in the upper thigh.”

“Andrew turned to run and the guy shot him again, this one entering his left hip, hitting his ball and socket before traveling horizontally through this lower abdomen and lodging itself in his right hip area.” How can this story be real? Why would someone do this to a random jogger?

“The guy shot again but missed him as Andrew dove behind a tree. The guy fled. Andrew called 911 and flagged down a couple wonderful people who called me and took off their shirt and tried to stop the bleeding. They stayed with him until police, fire and paramedics arrived,” Anne continued. Andrew was then taken to a hospital, where he remains, as he is recovering from surgery.

According to reports, two additional joggers were shot at from the silver vehicle in question. Law enforcement officials believe that this is the same car that crashed into a man and pinned him up against another vehicle. 22-year-old Gaelen Newsom has since been arrested for this rash of violence. He will now be facing charges for attempted murder, aggravated assault and possession of a firearm.

This story could not have taken place at a worse time for Buckhead, as they are looking to break away from Atlanta and become their own city. “We filed for divorce and our divorce is final,” Bill White, chairman and CEO of the Buckhead City Committee, says. “We’re forming our own city, we’re establishing our own police force and we will eradicate crime.” Good luck with that, y’all!

Everyone thinks it is so easy to eliminate crime until they are the ones who are actually being tasked with doing it. White is just like all of the other misguided city leaders out there, whether he currently realizes that or not. WMAZ has more on this developing story and you are definitely going to want to take a closer look at this revealing video.

Buckhead may believe that they have the whole policing thing figured out but it is clear to see that they do not. Andrew Worrell and the other citizens who were terrorized recently can definitely attest to this. We want to know what is actually going to be done about these crimes and we are tired of hearing leftist buzzwords every time something like this happens.

Our hearts also go out to the Worrell family. No one should ever have to receive a call that their father or husband is laid out in the street because a random gunman decided to pull up alongside them during a job and open fire. This story is sad enough as it is but the ending could have been even worse. This is what Biden wants when he allows for cities to start stripping police departments of funding….