What the Biden’s Really Think of Kamala! “Go F**K Yourself”


The Joe Biden and Kamala Harris alliance is definitely a marriage of convenience at this point. We all know that these two were never fans of each other. Harris and Biden have shown their true colors on this on a number of occasions. He’s not her biggest supporter and the only reason she allowed him to tap her services was because she was not going to win otherwise.

It seems like ages ago now but Biden and Harris were once fiercely opposed to each other. They had some very heated debates that made it seem like they were violently opposed to one another. Who remembers the 2019 presidential debate? This was quite the moment in time, wasn’t it?

Harris decided to take direct aim at Biden’s record on race and segregation. Jill Biden did not take kindly to that. In fact, she had some choice words for Kamala. She told her to “go f— herself” and Harris was enjoying every minute of it. Biden is known for opposing interracial busing to desegregate schools back in the day, giving Harris the chance to do some crowing.

“That little girl was me!” she yelled, totally ignoring all of the awful policies that she has enacted that are designed to ensnare innocent African-Americans in the legal system. Harris had a lot of nerve bringing this type of stuff up when she’s the one who tried to put parents in jail for their children’s truancy. Jill Biden should have simply waited for that to come up.

Biden’s gotta stand by her man, though. Sleepy Joe is going to struggle to come up with good quips on his own, as we have seen. Politico has the full context of Jill’s comment about Kamala. We can’t stop laughing at this party and all of their infighting. Can’t we all just get along?

“With what he cares about, what he fights for, what he’s committed to, you get up there and call him a racist without basis? Go f–k yourself,” said Jill, according to their report. The report even goes one step further, claiming that Joe Biden turned to Pete Buttigieg and cussed out Harris over her commentary.

“That was some bulls—,” Biden told Mayor Pete. He’s not wrong but that does not make this saga any less hilarious to us. Harris has a lot of explaining to do here still. Why on Earth would you agree to be Joe Biden’s running mate if you are the little girl that he kept from being able to go to school?

This is the part that she has never tried to explain and we highly doubt that she ever will. We know exactly what the thought process here was, though. Harris knew darn good and well she had zero chance of ever winning the presidency on her own. If she was going to get into the White House, she would have to ride the coattails of the man she called a racist in front of the whole world.

In fact, we are not sure who this is more embarrassing for. For Harris, it’s essentially a tacit admission that she had little to no chance of ever winning on her own. That’s got to be a very bitter pill to swallow. Biden has to serve as her Sherpa as she tries to climb the political mountain. We are not sure how that is fun for her or anybody else on her team, for that matter.

It’s a bit less embarrassing for Sleepy Joe because the other candidates for vice president would have gotten him laughed out of the room. Mayor Pete and Elizabeth Warren were not going to get the job done for Joe. Kamala allowed him to split the difference between pandering to people who think he cares about race and pandering to people who think that he cares about the rule of law. How else was he supposed to let the moderates know where he stood?