The Asian Hate Crimes Nobody Cares About! Black Man Brutally Beat 2 Asian Elderly Women With Cinder Block


These are the stories that no one wants to talk about because they do not align with assigned narratives from the mainstream media. Asian hate crimes are on the rise, for sure, but they are not being perpetrated by the people that the media claims. The story that we are about to share is a sad one.

Two Asian women who happened to be very elderly were both viciously attacked by the same man. Daryl Doles, a 50-year-old black man, beat the two women with a cinder block. He was arrested soon after and charged with two counts of aggravated assault.

Why on Earth would someone behave in such a horrific manner? It’s not a question that we are equipped to answer but it definitely haunts us. At the moment, we are unsure as to whether the attack is being investigated as a hate crime. If it is not, it most certainly should be. No one could possibly offer an explanation for this that would make any kind of sense.

Reports indicate that the attack took place just after midnight at a liquor store in the 2000 block of Pennsylvania Avenue in Baltimore. Doles decided to force his way into the shop, as the two sisters were looking to close the doors for the night. It did not take long before the brutal attack began.

He held one of the sisters down and repeatedly smashed her head with the cement block. Once the other sister attempted to intervene, Doles focused his attack on her instead. To their credit, these two women did their best to fight back and were overpowered by the enraged customer. There is no word as to what set him off.

It is entirely possible that the attack was fully premeditated. The women were both taken to a local hospital in the wake of the attack. One of the victims had two black eyes and needed 25 stitches to close the wound in her head. We must warn you before you take a closer look at the video: it is incredibly violent.

We had a hard time watching it ourselves, if we are being totally honest. It’s not the prettiest sight but this is Biden’s America. If this attack had taken place in a manner that allowed the mainstream media to pin it on a white person? We never would have been able to hear the end of it.

This should be considered attempted murder, as well as a hate crime. How anyone can argue differently is beyond our understanding. This is a textbook hate crime and it should be treated as one. The same mainstream media that cared so deeply about these issues a few weeks ago is nowhere to be found.

Their lack of willingness to speak up right now comes as little solace to the Asian-American community. We cannot begin to imagine how alone they feel at the moment. They know that the attacks are not going to be taken seriously unless a white man is involved. If the media can’t make it a “white supremacy” story, they could not care less.

We won’t be surprised if CNN and the like decide to report the story as such anyways. They will probably just claim that a white man put him up to this and go from there. We wish that this were purely a joke but with the way that the world is going right now? We cannot even guarantee that.

We’ll do you one better. We are willing to bet that they are going to pull out their favorite explanation of all during times like this. When in doubt, you simply blame Trump and let the chips fall where they may. The mainstream media loves it when someone else gets the ball rolling on this. That way, they are able to keep the same narratives alive that they enjoyed so much during his presidency.