School Back in the Fall, But with Masks?


Why is it that the teachers’ unions insist on making children suffer? Even though there is an agreement that schools should return to the classrooms for the fall, there is still talk of masks.

Children cannot sit in a classroom for six to eight hours a day with a mask strapped to their faces. It hinders the learning process.

There’s also another thing that the liberal teachers’ unions seem to be forgetting. Teachers are not babysitters. If mask-wearing will be a requirement, most teachers will spend their days telling students to put their masks back on. Is that better than teaching? Hardly.

It’s not right – and even teachers are concerned about what school in the fall may end up looking like.

Randi Weingarten, the president of The American Federation for Teachers is back to her antics. She makes a promise, gets everyone excited, and then she opens her mouth again.

She’s already said that schools will be back in session for the fall.

However, she’s now saying that she’s worried about outbreaks – and so she wants to keep those in elementary school masked up.

How is it that someone who obviously hates children became the president of a teachers’ union?

There’s no scientific evidence to back up her claims.

She’s concerned about outbreaks even though the American Academy of Pediatrics has said that there’s little concern about children getting COVID inside the classroom or even being a carrier to pass it on to an adult.

There are also plenty of cities and states lifting the mask mandates. Texas has lifted the mask mandate not only for the state as a whole but has also said that schools can allow students to go maskless.

Texas has also reported a day of zero deaths.

Maskless children? The horror!

Maskless children will help with the learning process. It will allow students to focus more on the lessons than on trying to breathe. Plus, eliminating the mask mandate will ensure that teachers don’t turn into the mask police.

Weingarten insists that it’s not fair to lift mask mandates until there’s a vaccine that’s acceptable for elementary school students.

Right…because getting everyone vaccinated has been such an easy task.

Even nearly six months after vaccines have been made available to Americans, the country is only at about 60% in terms of those who have received at least one poke.

Weingarten claims that if they don’t want to be the mask police, they have to get guidance from the CDC.

Did she forget that the CDC has already offered guidance?

The CDC clearly offers essential elements for in-person learning – and it’s all based on layered prevention strategies, including strict sanitation and social distancing. Additionally, teachers have been given access to the vaccines – so it’s up to them to protect themselves.

Plus, it’s really important to bring up mask mandates again. Texas dropped their mask mandates on March 2 and cases continue to drop.

So, this means that Weingarten simply can’t accept the science and the statistics. She’s simply aiming to let children be miserable inside of the classrooms. She’s determined to make teachers hate their jobs and be unable to make it through the required curriculum.

There are kids in school that have been wide open – and not all of them are wearing masks. If Weingarten’s worries were warranted, there would be cases among the elementary age group all over the country. The reality is that there just aren’t.

Oh, but Weingarten feels as though she has a solution. Just offer mental health services. That way, if students feel traumatized by the masks, they could have someplace to go.

Yeah, right.

Has she ever been inside of a school? Has she ever talked to an elementary aged child?

The reality is that schools not only need to open in the fall but students should be allowed to go maskless if they choose to do so. It’s the only way to educate America once and for all.