New Report Indicates That COVID-19 Was Developed as Part of China’s Bio Weapons Program Funded by Fauci


In fall 2020, Col. Lawrence Sellin issued a startling report to the Gateway Pundit. He claimed that there was unequivocal evidence that the Chinese military was directly involved in the spread of COVID-19. In fact, he strongly believes that the military was involved in the virus’ actual creation.

These are strong allegations to make, for sure. Dr. Li-Meng Yan was responsible for investigating the origins of the virus when the initial outbreak took place in Wuhan. As a medical researcher in Hong Kong, she is providing the evidence that we have all been waiting for. The virus is not of natural origins and all of the people who swore that it was owe us a major apology.

The article “Unusual Features of the SARS-CoV-2 Genome Suggesting Sophisticated Laboratory Modification Rather Than Natural Evolution and Delineation of Its Probable Synthetic Route” is a great read. Dr. Yan offers up a detailed description of how the virus was created, with the help of her colleagues.

The Gateway Pundit has been breaking the news as we go along and their reports have been pivotal. Joe Hoft of the Pundit believes that the Chinese military could have had knowledge of the virus as early as November 2019. These are the stories that were swept under the rug and referred to as conspiracies.

Now, even The Australian is getting in on the story. Their latest report is a true jaw-dropper. During this time, the Wuhan testing facilities were funded by Dr. Fauci and this seems like something that we should have been told about a long time ago. It feels like a huge conflict of interest from where we are sitting.

The Telegraph India has more about this developing story:

“Chinese scientists allegedly investigated weaponizing coronaviruses five years before the Covid-19 pandemic and may have predicted a World War III fought with biological weapons, according to media reports referring to documents obtained by the US State Department.

According to The Sun newspaper in the UK, quoting reports first released by The Australian, the bombshell documents obtained by the US State Department reportedly show the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) commanders making the sinister prediction.

US officials allegedly obtained the papers which were written by military scientists and senior Chinese public health officials in 2015 as part of their own investigation into the origins of Covid-19.

Chinese scientists described SARS coronaviruses of which Covid is one example as presenting a new era of genetic weapons. The PLA papers referenced seem to fantasize that a bioweapon attack could cause the “enemy’s medical system to collapse”.

It references work by US Air Force colonel Michael J. Ainscough, who predicted World War III may be fought with bioweapons,” the report concludes.

In the face of all this overwhelming evidence, you would think that Biden would be on the case. You would think that he would actually give a crap about all of the people who have been affected by this preventable tragedy. Instead, he is paralyzed with fear, waiting for word from his corporate masters in China.

The Chinese have us exactly where they want us. For at least the next three years, there is going to be no opposition. Biden will roll around and play dead as needed. The CCP will continue to issue the necessary marching orders. When they say jump, Biden will simply start jumping until he is told to stop. There is no instance where he will even bother to ask how high.

That’s how well he has been trained. The Chinese do not have to worry about any backtalk from him because he knows better. If Biden says anything, they will give him the same treatment that the NBA got when one of their ranks had the nerve to tell them off over Hong Kong. Perhaps LeBron James will march into the conversation to tell some more people that they should be quiet…because if anyone’s an expert about Chinese diplomacy, it is him!