Democrat Operative Caught Redhanded Trying to Infiltrate and Subvert Arizona Voting Audit (Video)


In addition, Bennett shared that the number of tables and auditors has been doubled, as a means of making sure that the audit is handled more quickly. The Democrats are starting to run scared, as they have told Bennett that they will not be allowing any of their fellow party members to participate. This is what happens when you start to get too close to the truth.

Jordan also asked Bennett about a tweet from the ArizonaAudit account. “You @katiehobbs might be held accountable for having your paid election expert Ryan Macias impersonate a reporter and try to sneak past security to get on the ballot floor. More to come!” it reads.

Bennett tells the story as such: there was a Media Only Night roughly a week prior to the tweet. As it turns out, Ryan Macias had showed up and told people that he was a member of the media. He was not. This is the type of lying that they are resorting to right now.

Some of the staffers at this location believe that Macias was presenting himself as a member of the media. Of course, they did not like that very much. The auditors, on the other hand, were there to provide the necessary transparency to actual members of the press. This is what should be done in these instances.

If you take the time to watch the full discussion with former Arizona Secretary of State, and current Maricopa Audit Director, Ken Bennett, it is quite illuminating. It is a great talk and it is nice to see someone who is finally on top of things. We have been enduring the never-ending clown show for quite some time now.

Maybe at long last, we can finally receive the closure that we all so richly deserve. Near as we can tell, Katie Hobbs is one of the many leftists who is working overtime to sabotage the audit. She and the other leftists do not want the truth to be revealed. They know what we have already known for a very long time now….

Biden was not able to win that presidency in a fair manner. There is no chance of it and there is no real evidence to support it outside of the phony numbers that have been cooked up by the Democrats. Hobbs also knows something else that we all have known for some time now.

If this audit is completed, her goose is absolutely cooked. The liberals as a whole have to be watching all of this unfold with a lot of fear in their hearts. As for us, we think that things are actually setting up quite nicely for the conservatives of this country for a change.

At this point, it won’t be much longer before order is restored. Yes, there are plenty of opposition members who are funded by Soros and Bloomberg but they are starting to become outnumbered. All we know is that Sleepy Joe had better start packing his bags. His days are numbered and we cannot wait until he is frog-marched out of the White House for his election theft.

We eagerly await his attempts at shutting this audit down, too. You know it is coming, especially if they get closer to completion. One thing is for sure: they are not hiding. They are inviting the media in and allowing them to ask all of the questions that they could ever want. This is something that the Democrats could stand to learn from. They tried to shut everyone out and their efforts have all gone for naught. Better luck next time, we suppose.