Biden’s Unequal Justice Under the Law! Hunter Biden’s Pimp Mysteriously Released From Jail Without Explanation


Dianna Pagano, in case readers are unaware, is Hunter Biden’s pimp. This is not a joke or a figure of speech or a euphemism of some kind. When he wanted to order a prostitute in Connecticut, this is the woman that he contacted. Why is this important, you might be wondering. The reason might surprise you!

As it turns out, Papa Biden is pulling some strings to make sure his son still has easy access to the flesh trade. Pagano was granted a quickie release from prison without any sort of explanation. Instead of serving her time behind bars, Dianna will be given the chance to head to a treatment center.

Pagano was arrested for intent to distribute drugs. She violated the terms of her probation and did not even bother to appear in court to defend herself. She failed to appear in court not once, but twice! Why on Earth would this woman be handed such a sweet opportunity to avoid a real prison term?

Now, we have our answer. It pays to have friends in high places. If you take a closer look at the minutes from her court hearing, it all becomes so much more clear. If you ask us, she was only released into the treatment center because of her connection to Hunter Biden. We are not even sure if there is another viable explanation to speak of here.

So, how did we come to this conclusion? We will start by sharing the facts, as we have them. During the early months of 2019, Pagano and Hunter Biden were exchanging texts. The texts have been obtained and they have already been tracked, so there is no real dispute here that can be made.

Pagano was making requests for money through a PayPal account as well. She was looking to pay off some guy but we are unsure about the circumstances. There’s another set of messages where she is arranging for a woman to be delivered to Hunter at his hotel room. Hunter seems to be upset for some reason but we are not given any further background.

Pagano was then arrested on charges related to drugs and prostitution at a home in East Haven, Connecticut later that year. East Haven police were onto her for some time and had learned of her using the property as a brothel. The question still lingers: how did this woman manage to wrangle a get-out-of-jail free card when she is this deep in the muck?

There’s no reason why she should be in a treatment center instead of a prison. In typical fashion, the laws do not apply as long as you have a strong connection to the Biden crime syndicate. They are always going to look out for their own. Sleepy Joe has to make sure that his son has plentiful access to prostitutes.

Of course, there could be something even more insidious going on here. What if this woman has secrets that could be revealed and make the current administration look bad? Hunter is a drug addict who could have shared any number of national secrets with this woman during the course of their time together.

He also could have shared important business with any number of prostitutes. For all we know, this woman threatened to sing like a canary and tell a lot of business that could have made Sleepy Joe look bad. It’s entirely possible that he was worried about his own skin and decided to put in the executive call.

Either way, we need an explanation and we need it quickly. There is no logical reason for a pimp to be released from jail this quickly and this easily. Now that we are in the tail end of the pandemic, the old excuses about needing to keep people out of jail because of COVID-19 related concerns are not going to fly. We want real answers.