Biden’s Racist America? Yet Another Race Hoax Exposed


Hate crime hoaxes are becoming shockingly common in America these days. It seems like every time one of these stories, all we have to do is sit back and wait for it to be debunked. This time, the location in question was an auto repair shop in Spring Lake, North Carolina. Since it is black-owned, the “racists” used graffiti with slurs and smashed up a number of cars.

The “vandals” did not bank on one thing. The shop had security cameras and it did not take long to figure out the truth. The people who smashed up the cars were not vengeful white supremacists at all. They were actually two black guys! The mainstream media is not as interested in telling that part of the story.

The criminals spray painted a number of swastikas and they even invoked KKK imagery. We just need to know how these guys were so well-versed on racist symbolism. The owner, Dwayne Haynesworth, has turned the footage over to the police and the hoaxers ought to be figuring out their alibi as quickly as possible.

“Vandals smashed up cars at a black-owned auto repair shop in Spring Lake, NC. They left graffiti purported to be a swastika & KKK hood. However, footage from a security system show two black males were responsible,” Andy Ngo tweeted. Ngo and the like are not going to tolerate these hoaxes, even when the mainstream media wants to get involved.

You would think that these men would have learned from the incident that took place with Jussie Smollett. This television star thought that he was going to get away with a lie like this and let’s face it, he had a lot more going for him at the time. Most people just assumed that he was telling the truth because what reasons did he have to lie about such a thing?

We now know that this ploy was used as part of a failed contract negotiation. These hoaxes are also dangerous in another way that these liars refuse to consider. If you are constantly pulling hate crime hoaxes out of thin air, what happens when a real hate crime occurs?

The mainstream media is only going to keep falling for these stories so many times before they turn a blind eye. One day, there is going to be a real hate crime but no one will actually believe it. They have been burned by stories like this one and Jussie Smollett’s. Even the most decent of people hate to have their emotions played with in such a manner.

That’s the unintended consequence of these types of gambits. No one can predict how public sentiment will shift as a result of blatant lying. You are playing with forces much larger than what you can control in these instances. Anyone with half a brain can see this but the people who actually want to put a stop to hate crimes are getting fed up of these stories.

Imagine how it would feel right now to be a member of a marginalized group and see these stories. You would be absolutely furious if you saw people who should know better acting like this. The far left should be getting on their cases but you already know what they are going to do instead. They are going to be the first ones to start barking at anyone who is tired of these lies online.

That’s what they did to anyone who dared to question the Smollett story. If you had any questions or reservations about that, you were simply a homophobic hater. The same will apply here. Anyone who calls out the lies will be told that they are a racist in some overly sassy manner, the original poster will get all sorts of likes from their far-left brethren and the problem will continue to exist. Sadly, this is the world that we have to get used.