Biden’s Education Reform! Pornographic Novels and Anti-American Hate Literature


Louden County, Virginia parents are finally striking back against their school board. They are responsible for pushing sexually explicit on young students and we are tired of these types of stories. Parents have the right to push back against this sort of education if they so choose.

14-year-old freshmen should never be subjected to this sort of material, especially if their parents are not on board with it. In addition to banning these offensive materials, the parents are also banding together to make sure that the critical race theory curriculum is discontinued as well.

For those who have not looked into themselves, critical race theory is an anti-white, anti-Christian, anti-ethical form of teaching. Children are being indoctrinated daily. Parents who don’t pay close attention are going to be placing their children at a major disadvantage. Instead of learning the things that they need to know for their education, they are getting a crash course on wokeness.

That’s not what school is supposed to be about. Even the black parents are not thrilled about this. One of the aforementioned black mothers offered up quite a condemnation of the current state of affairs. “[Critical race theory] is not an honest dialogue — it is a tactic used by Hitler and the Ku Klux Klan on slavery very many years ago to dumb down my ancestors so we could not think for ourselves,” she said.

This is a point that the woke crowd does not want to hear. They like to think that they can think on behalf of black people and to them, this is evidence of progress. As soon as a black person speaks up and says that they can think for themselves, that’s when the problems start to arise.

Liberal whites will fire off phrases about “internalized racism” and such to try and make their condescension seem justified. That’s what they do every time they are confronted about the horse manure that they try and feed people. When it comes to our nation’s children, enough is enough.

“They have books that are supposed to be teaching equity but what they are really teaching, you know, it is a language that we can’t say here but very sexually explicit stuff, stuff that if any children in the classrooms which is very likely have experienced sexual trauma it would put them back into that place and really stuff the kids shouldn’t be readings that came in under the auspices of COVID and not following the procurement procedures,” Joe Mobley tells Fox News.

This is another concerned parent who does not want to see their child’s curriculum filled with smut. The young children of the world do not need to be handed books that are filled with graphic depictions of sexual abuse in order to learn properly. Who would even think that lowly of our children to begin with? This is one video that you are definitely going to want to check out as soon as possible if you are a concerned parent.

We definitely have a lot of worries about how our children are being taught these days and it is good to see other parents standing up for what is right. No, liberals, these are not “snowflakes” who simply cannot handle how woke and wonderful you all are. These are honest, hardworking black people who are tired of feeling like they are being pandered to at the expense of their children’s education.

Anyone who cannot understand that is willfully missing the point and they do not need to be acknowledged any further. The Virginia situation may not be unfolding in your state yet but these things always have a way of making their way into our backyards when we least expect them to. We all need to make it clear how we feel right now, so that the school districts in our areas do not start to get any clever ideas.