Surprise, Surprise! Biden’s Education Secretary Warns School Won’t Open This Fall


We did not notice this one when the segment first aired but luckily, the good folks over at Free Beacon did. Biden’s education secretary was asked about allowing schools to re-open. Of course, he does not seem to think that it will happen by fall. Big surprise there, right?

We want to know one thing here. What type of COVID numbers is this man expecting by the time September rolls around? If a decent chunk of the country is fully vaccinated by then, how can schools remain closed? Once you watch the video and read on, it will all become so much more clear to you.

This is Biden’s America for you. No one can ever get back to normal because there is always some new threat that is looming. Right now, the country is being vaccinated at an excellent clip. This is one of the few things that Biden has done right but he can’t even celebrate it because he’s too busy drumming up more fear.

The New York Times’ vaccine tracker claims that we could have 94 percent of the population at least partially vaccinated by the time July 24 rolls around. They may be jumping the gun a bit here, though. After all, there are too many adults who are refusing to get the vaccine and children won’t be able to receive vaccines until next year in all likelihood.

By the summer rolls around, a sizable percentage of the country should have 80 percent immunity. This is the amount of protection that is offered by Moderna and Pfizer vaccines. In order to get schools back open, many states are prioritizing the vaccination of teachers. This raises tricky questions about how to get students back into classrooms without allowing outbreaks to sweep through the student body.

Since every adult who wants to be vaccinated should be all set by then, how can students continue to be punished? There are scenarios where Biden’s health secretary could be right but they are far-fetched. For starters, there is always the chance that a variant could arrive that keeps schools from being safe. Cardona’s decided to hedge now and we are sure that there are political reasons involved.

Teachers’ unions may not end up going along with any of this, so he’s not going to want to risk upsetting anyone by offering up any absolutes. The New York Post has been examining this issue in their city. Karol Markowicz has more on the topic:

“The anti-science union has been at the forefront of ruining schooling in the Big Apple, far beyond the distancing rules. It was the ­union, after all, that extracted a moronic 3-percent-positivity trigger for shuttering schools — ­including in Manhattan, where the healthy and wealthy love to test frequently.

The World Health Organization and other bodies have rejected the 3-percent threshold as too low, but in New York, [UTF President Mike] Mulgrew is the highest authority on such matters.

In Gotham, moreover, two unrelated cases among the staff or student body in a school building in seven days immediately result in up-to-10-day closures. The rule doesn’t consider how many people are in the building. It doesn’t matter if a school serves 20 or 2,000 kids.

Coupled with random testing, schools are constantly closing for two-week stretches thanks to this rule,” she says.

Biden might not be willing to cross anyone today but that does not mean that he will have that luxury for the rest of his term. Parents and children alike are going to want answers. The GOP is going to be using this as a cudgel to beat the Democrats over the head during the midterms if they are not careful.

Yes, schools will probably have to close from time to time to put a stop to outbreaks. That is better than forcing kids to sit home for another year and fall even further behind from a development standpoint. It’s time for Biden and company to stop the lies.