Remember the Old Biden! Screams at Worker “You Are Full of Sh*T” When Asked About His Plans to Suspend 2nd Amendment


Back in March of last year, we all had a good laugh at Joe Biden’s meltdown while he was in Detroit. He was confronted by an auto worker who wanted real answers about their concerns. Instead of meeting him halfway and having an honest discussion, Biden furthered his descent into madness.

He is not someone who does well when he is confronted. The nice guy persona that he is so good at adopting vanishes entirely and he bares his fangs. Wasn’t he the one who promised that he would deputize Beto O’Rourke to walk off with everyone’s guns?

He should not be surprised when someone actually believes him. Biden thinks he can poke at people over and over again but then he plays the victim once they poke back. This story is a prime example of that and it showed us what kind of president he was going to be from the beginning.

This is one man who cannot take the heat and that’s why he should have never been in the kitchen. In addition to yelling at the autoworker, he even screamed at one of his own staffers. We are just mad that we were deprived of all these meltdowns.

You know it would have been really bad if Biden had been given the chance to campaign some more. If you have never seen this confrontation, it is well worth your time. “You are actively trying to diminish our Second Amendment right and take away our guns,” said the auto worker.

Biden could not take in what the man had to say. Instead, he cussed at him and tried his best to make him feel small. They said that Donald Trump was a bully, though. Biden, on the other hand, tells people who have real concerns that they are liars. In fact, he told this man that he was full of “s–t”.

Of course, this man knew what we already have been trying to tell people for the longest time. The Democrats are really looking to take your guns away. Joe Biden has already introduced an executive order that is designed to fulfill the needs and wants of scared liberals everywhere.

Why couldn’t he have been honest about his goals? The people of America might have respected him a little more if he had been willing to tell the truth from the very beginning. This man does not know when to stop lying because he’s never had to face the consequences of his behavior.

That’s the Biden crime family for you, though. This glorified mafia syndicate does everything in their power to shield themselves from accountability. Joe Biden’s lies know no bounds and we wish that someone would put a stop to his bully complex. He does such a great job of pretending to be helpless, no one is ever able to see any of this coming.

We only share this flashback so that readers can see why we were so worried about a Biden presidency in the first place. People called us alarmists and told us that we did not need to worry. “The Democrats can’t take anyone’s guns away from them,” they said. “There’s no reason whatsoever to worry,” they said. Where are all of these smart people now that the worst is about to happen?

They are nowhere to be found and they do not want to take responsibility for the country that they are creating. The brave patriots of America deserve better than watching their country be taken over by scared liberals who want to use every shooting as an excuse to pass the laws that they want.

Now, we are left to pick up the pieces of his latest deception and it is awful to see so many people being silent about what is taking place. Biden needs to answer for this decision publicly. We are tired of watching him use Psaki as his human shield for all of these concerns. Have some self-respect for once in your life, Joe.