Kelly Accused of Spying for Iran, Ratting out Israel’s Secret Mission in Iran


This recently leaked audio is not looking good for all parties involved. Iran’s foreign minister Mohammad Javad Zarif is claiming that he was informed about Israel’s covert operations in Syria. Of course, readers are wondering who sang like a canary. That answer is a simple one: then-Secretary of State John Kerry is responsible!

As astute readers will recall, John Kerry served as Barack Obama’s Secretary of State from 2013 to 2017. From there, he has become an integral part of the Biden administration. As Biden’s special climate envoy, he has more power than necessary but that’s another story for another time.

John Kerry’s revelation stunned Zarif, rightfully so. Iranian targets in Syria were hit by Israel over 200 times. The New York Times is providing the audio and it is damning stuff. When Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh was asked about the tape, he confirmed the authenticity.

Fox News wasted no time reporting the facts on this one:

“The release of the comments by Zarif set off a firestorm within Iran, where officials carefully mind their words amid a cutthroat political environment that includes the powerful paramilitary Revolutionary Guard, ultimately overseen by the country’s supreme leader. Zarif has been suggested as a possible candidate for Iran’s June 18 presidential election as well.

Outside of Iran, Zarif’s comments could also affect talks in Vienna aimed at finding a way for Tehran and the U.S. to both come into compliance with Iran’s 2015 nuclear deal with world powers. Already, sabotage targeted Iran’s nuclear facility at Natanz during the talks as Tehran has begun enriching a small amount of uranium up to 60% purity, which edges the country closer to weapons-grade levels.

Khatibzadeh called the release of the recording “illegal” and described it as “selectively” edited, though he and others did not offer opinions on how it became public. Zarif, visiting Iraq on Monday after a trip to Qatar, took no questions from journalists after giving a brief statement in Baghdad.”

This is not the first time that Kerry has engaged in forms of shadow diplomacy. He’s committing all sorts of treason but no one seems to care. This is the Democrat party in a nutshell. If this was happening on the other side of the aisle, we know that the Democrats would never allow it.

When it happens to them, everyone wants to get quiet. He was even pulling these types of stunts when Trump was president and he thinks that everyone already forgot. No one forgot! He was meeting foreign officials in hopes of salvaging Iran’s nuclear weapons program during the Trump presidency because he does not care about America.

Kerry does not have the chops to handle these types of conversations anyway. Biden might think that this is a good idea but he’s fine with anything that allows him to catch up on his sleep. He’s fine with looking the other way on this because that’s what he does with everything, in all honesty. This is the administration that loves pretending they do not see the obvious.

Treason should never be allowed and we wish that all of the people who were up in arms over Trump are just as loud and angry over this. We already know that they won’t but it is fun to imagine a society where people were willing to avoid obvious hypocrisy. That’s all the left knows how to do, though. They are experienced professionals when it comes to looking the other way.

Kerry’s treason needs to be addressed and we hope that the reporters who speak with Biden apply the necessary pressure. While we do not expect a real response by any stretch of the imagination, it is always fun to watch him squirm. Psaki is sure to lose it if Kerry’s actions are brought up as well, so please, be sure to ask her all about it as soon as possible. We already have our popcorn ready to go.