Here We Go! Cowardly Biden’s Caving to the Terror Leaders in Iran. Announces Sanctions Will Be Lifted – With No Conditions


Biden loves to cave in but he does it under the guise of negotiation. It’s funny to watch but sometimes, we wish that we could get out in front of his insanity before it is too late. Iran is a prime example of this. They had to mind their P’s and Q’s for the past four years.

Now that Biden is in power, they know that this is not something that they are ever going to have to worry about again. Once Biden is in charge, all of our foreign adversaries probably threw parties to celebrate. They knew that they would not have to sweat out any sort of sanctions or penalties for their actions. Fox News has more on these developments.

“Millions of crude oil barrels are on their way to Syria from Iran, violating U.S. sanctions. According to a civilian naval intelligence firm, there are four vessels with more than 3 million barrels combined on their way to the Baniyas oil refinery, near the Mediterranean coast.

A satellite photo captured two days ago over the southern section of the Red Sea shows four vessels: Arman 114, Sam 121, Daran and Romina. The Arman 114 is formerly known as the Adrian Darya 1, a vessel in the center of the U.S.-Iran standoff in the summer of 2019. It was sanctioned by the Trump administration in August 2019, following its attempts to transfer the oil to Syria.

Syria has been struggling with an oil shortage, relying primarily on Iranian help. However, with the burdening sanctions on the two countries, the shortage has turned into a crisis, causing power outages and rationing petrol,” Fox News shares.

Iran has clearly decided that they are going to do whatever they want now that Biden and Obama are back to lend them a helping hand. The European Union is always going to help them to do whatever they want, which is a laugh and a half. In the meantime, they are doing whatever they can to get the United States and Iran back to the bargaining table but no one is holding their breath.

ABC has more: “The U.S. and Iran are holding indirect talks on Tuesday in what could be the first step toward reviving the 2015 deal that constrains Tehran’s nuclear facilities in exchange for sanctions relief.

The meetings, hosted by the European Union, will work toward two separate agreements — on how the U.S. and Iran can both return to compliance with the deal’s terms.”

No one seems to know how much will be given to Iran this time around but there are a number of guesses being offered up at the present moment. “The United States is prepared to remove sanctions on Iran to resume compliance with the Iran nuclear deal, including those that are inconsistent with the 2015 pact, the U.S. State Department said on Wednesday, without providing details,” the Washington Free Beacon reports.

This is quite the disturbing revelation but we will be honest. It is not one that is particularly surprising. This is how the Democrats like to do things. They will talk a really good game but they are going to walk it all back once it comes time to actually do something. It’s the oldest trick in their book.

Obama handed billions to Iran and Biden looks prepared to follow the same precedent. If the bully knows that you are going to be willing to give up your lunch money, they are not going to stop coming for it. This is something that Trump knew perfectly but the lesson is lost on Biden.

You would think that the new administration would not want to repeat one of the more foolish foreign policy decisions in our nation’s history but Biden is a different sort. He wants to follow the Obama playbook to the letter. It didn’t work out that well whenever he tried but no one tell him that! He’s already confident that he has made the right decision and does not take well to questioning.