Even After the Most Brutal Persecution Most Americans Believe Biden Cheated in the Election


The mainstream media and the Democrats have come together to create an environment where the 2020 election cannot be discussed in any meaningful way. If anyone says that the outcome was not legitimate, they are shouted down almost immediately. If you even suggest it on social media, you are risking a suspension for “spreading misinformation”.

The suppression campaign may be keeping some people quiet but it is doing nothing to change public perception about the matter. A new poll from Rasmussen has exposed all of the skepticism that still lurks beneath the surface. When voters from both parties are polled, they believe that the election was not conducted fairly.

The Washington Examiner took a closer look at the polling snafu:

“Voters are not letting go of their belief that the 2020 presidential election was a fraud-filled nightmare. The latest evidence from Rasmussen Reports:

By a margin of 51%-44%, voters said it is “likely” that cheating affected the outcome. That included 74% of Republicans and 30% of Democrats.

Some 47% said it is likely Democrats stole or destroyed ballots for former President Donald Trump. That included 75% of Republicans and 30% of Democrats. An even 50% said that it is unlikely ballots were destroyed.

It is the latest survey to show that much of the nation is stuck in neutral when it comes to moving past the 2020 election, especially Republicans.

Trump has done little to help them move forward, as recently as last weekend claiming anew that Democrats and President Joe Biden robbed his reelection,” the report shares.

The American people have a great deal of common sense. It gets undersold because we are currently living in an era where you are rewarded for pointing out Americans who are lazy and/or not competent. These polls prove what we already knew: the working-class American knows a scam when they see one.

Make no mistake about it, the last election was a major scam. Even the Democrats are starting to wake up to it and we thought that they never would. The Rasmussen Reports Twitter account shared their findings and they are hard to ignore. Everyone has caught on to these grifters.

The Democrats shouldn’t be surprised that people are forgetting to suspend their disbelief on this one. The mainstream media can keep jabbing at the general public, telling them that it is time to move on. This is what happens when you are not willing to have a fair election.

If you are blatantly cheating in plain view of the entire population, you can’t play surprised later on when they start to let you know that they have figured it out. That’s why another Donald Trump campaign is their worst nightmare. He would love to remind people that he would be on the verge of a third consecutive victory, if not for the cheating.

Yes, we know that he would have simply passed the presidency along to the next viable GOP contender at that point. After all, we do have a two-term limit. However, the Democrats have created this problem for themselves by not being willing to tell the truth. Instead of allowing Trump to claim his rightful victory and providing a better candidate in 2024, they thought that it would be a better idea to cheat.

The stain that the Democrat party has left on this country can never be removed. This election is going to be discussed in history books for years to come. Even those who do not follow politics closely are appalled by this one and we understand where they are coming from, 100%.

We don’t want to hear any crying from the Democrats when Trump runs in 2024 and hammers away at the obvious. His rightful second term was stolen away from him and it’s an absolute travesty. This is something that the Democrats are not prepared to contend with but we are not sure why. They’re the one who stole the election in the first place!