Even After Chauvin’s Murder Conviction Minneapolis City Council Demands Rioters Burn Down Wealthy Neighborhoods


    A Minneapolis City Council candidate is offering up an insane exhortation. They told Black Lives Matter rioters that they needed to target wealthier neighborhoods if they are looking to burn something down. The police did not take kindly to this and now she has been categorized as a credible threat.

    Margarita “Rita” Ortega wrote all of this on her personal Facebook page, making matters even worse. There is no disputing what she said here. According to her, “the poor community is not your oppressors”. Lake of the Isles is the community that she told them to target, letting the rioters know that these people have more than they could ever possibly need.

    The full statement is as follows: “Just a personal thought — just in case y’all feel like burning s— down, the poor community is not your oppressors. FYI — lake of the isles has more then [sic] needed and won’t be missed,” she said. Can you believe that she was policy aide at Minneapolis City Hall and spent ten years working in city government before running for City Council?

    We are flabbergasted. In her mind, it is okay to torch wealthy neighborhoods because they “have the insurance and means to rebuild.” That was not all that she had to say, either. “Division has been created and continues not by my hands. I’m not the greedy one living in million-dollar mansions while people are sleeping in tents and on the street,” she continued.

    When she was profiled in the Washington Post, she unleashed more insane rhetoric. She’s “always felt we’ve never really needed the police.” After the killing of Daunte Wright, she took to Twitter and tried to rally the leftists again. “The only way forward is abolishing the police,” she tweeted. “No institution should be allowed to murder in our communities with impunity. As a mother my prayers are with Daunte Wright and his family. He should be alive right now.”

    Wright escaped his handcuffs and attempted to get away during the confrontation. This is a man who was behaving very erratically. No one wants to consider this, though. The far left has already made up their minds. Minneapolis Crime Watch spoke out about the concerns that Lake of the Isles residents were experiencing as a result of the threats made by this wannabe City Council member.

    “A resident from the Lake of the Isles area (and others) contacted MPD about @ritaforward9‘s comments & summarized the reply they got saying that it’s being considered a “credible threat” & that person/s in MPD have forwarded the info to other units for investigation,” they tweeted.

    This is the future that we have always feared. Gone are the days when people were willing to look at any situation like this with a bit of nuance. Now, everyone has retreated into their ideological corners and there is not much that can be done. People have already made up their minds about how they are going to feel before any further information is released.

    It’s a sad world we live in now but at least we can speak with our voting ballots. We hope that everyone who resides in this area of Minnesota is paying close attention to what their candidates have to say. These people are taking off their masks and they do not care who knows it. How could anyone who wants to hold public office speak in this way?

    This is what happens when there is no fear of reprisal for speaking like this. No, we are not taking the Maxine Waters route and childishly encouraging more violence. That is not the way. We want people to fight back against these charlatans in the best way that we know how: by refusing to vote them into power in the first place. It’s impossible to stop everyone on Twitter or Facebook from yammering like an insane liberal but the least we can do is keep them from gaining power.