Democrats Politicize Verdict as Harris Makes Everyone out to Be the Victim


The Democratic Party loves to take mainstream stories and turn them into political nightmares. The trial for Officer Derek Chauvin has been building steam for weeks. As his trial got closer, the liberals were growing more anxious by the minute. Maxine Waters was so enraged with hatred that she flew to Minnesota to threaten violence if the jury returned with a not guilty verdict.

The National Guard was brought in to surround the courthouse to keep the liberals from storming the grounds. Once the trial was over, the jury took several hours to reach their guilty verdict. And the crowd outside had reason to celebrate. But that would not be enough for the cop-hating liberals.

Once the guilty verdict was read out came Kamala Harris and her old boss Joe Biden. Harris loves to try and sympathize with people. She tries to lower herself to their level and tell people that she has been there as well.

She came out on the stage and tried to put down racism in America. There she was, standing there behind the mic, acting as a champion in a stew pot of racism. Her attack on American values and the fake narrative that America is somehow a racist nation cut to the core of the country’s greatness.

She spouted off that “America has a long history of systemic racism. Black Americans and black men, in particular, have been treated throughout the course of our country as less than human.” She forgets about all the “white” people who risked their lives during the Civil War to end slavery.

She went on to act like people of color are not as valuable as a person as everyone else. She forgets that Republicans value all life and not just the ones that happen to be the favorite of the day for the Democratic Party.

She devalued colored people by claiming that “Black men are fathers & brothers & sons, and uncles, and grandfathers, and friends, and neighbors. Their lives must be valued in our education system, in our healthcare system, in our housing system, in our economic system, in our criminal justice system, in our nation. Full-stop.”

The trial for Chauvin was not about the color of a person’s skin. It is about the Democrats trying to push racism more and more until the nation is ready for round two of the Civil War.

Had Floyd been killed by a person of color, there would have bever been the outcry of nonsense that the left has pushed for the better part of a year. They purposely look for these kinds of stories to push an agenda that is hurtful to American ideology.

She tried to make it seem like the cell phone was why the truth got out to the public. The nonsense that she is pushing makes no sense at all. She believes that racism is finally getting out to the world for the first time in human history. She should go back and read American history and see what it was like when racism was a real problem.

She tried to say that “Because of smartphones, so many Americans have seen the racial injustice that black Americans for generations. The racial injustice that we have fought for generations, that my parents protested in the 1960s, that millions of us – Americans of every race – protested last summer.”

The 1960s was a different time when people of color were treated like animals. Today they have all the same rights that everyone else does. They can make the same choices that everyone else does. The Democrats just focus on the people of color that get into trouble because it fits their political agenda. There are just as many “white” people committing crimes as colored people.

Harris would go on to contradict herself by trying to say that racial injustice is a problem for everyone. She had just stated that it was a person of color’s problem. The legacy that she is trying to create is fake. George Floyd was a tragic story, but it has nothing to do with law enforcement worldwide, brutally targeting people like Harris is trying to point out.