Biden’s Vicious Mask Terror Enforcers Drag 2 Year Old of Plane for Not Wearing Mask While Eating


The family that you are about to meet was taking a Spirit Airlines flight from Orlando to New York when the unthinkable happened. They were told that they needed to get off of the flight because their child was not wearing a mask. There were a few problems here, though.

First of all, the child is only two years old. Secondly, they were in the process of eating at the time. We understand the desire for safety but the mask Gestapo has started taking things way too far. The parents got told that they were not in compliance and so they had to deplane.

This is the part where we ask the very obvious question: what was the child supposed to be doing? There’s nothing else that this family could have done differently. If things are still this bad to where a child cannot remove their mask to have a quick meal, maybe we don’t need to be traveling?

Spirit Airlines does not seem to view things in this manner and that’s unfortunate. We guess that it is time to add these people to our boycott list. The other travelers who were sitting by the family at the time were trying to defend them but it did not matter one iota. They were treated like common criminals for the horrific crime of trying to feed their two-year-old.

The mother who was also thrown off the flight is seven months pregnant. These people claim to care so much about the welfare of others but they wanted a two-year-old to starve. They also wanted to cause a whole lot of undue stress for a woman who is only two months away from giving birth.

Breaking911 has more: “WATCH THIS: A family was just kicked off a @SpiritAirlines flight from Orlando to NY, because their two-year-old child who was eating, wasn’t wearing a mask. The mother is 7 months pregnant, and they have a special needs child. The entire flight was deplaned,” they tweeted.

This is an insane video to watch and it makes us wonder what has happened to our country. The family in question was also traveling with a special needs child who is seizure prone. We cannot believe that these people were treated so shabbily, all because they wanted to make sure that their small child could have something to eat.

Reports claim that the entire plane had to step off the flight and that makes this even more insane. In addition to ruining this family’s vacation, they decided to put a serious damper on everyone else’s, too. While this story may seem like it had an unhappy ending, we are very proud to report that there was a second video.

As it turns out, the family was not asked to leave after all. When everyone got back onto the plane, guess who was left behind? The rude flight attendant who started the whole mess to begin with! This is the type of justice that we live for. We just wish that it had happened sooner.

Maybe we won’t need to boycott after all! The pilot and the remaining crew stood on the side of justice and we want to give all of them kudos for their courage. The family got to continue on their trip and we are happy for them. For once, the mask Gestapo were not given a chance to win. Biden and his cronies are sure to be upset about this one but who cares!

We have some choice words that we could offer here but we are trying our best to swallow them. All we can say is that we would have been right there with the pilot and the rest of the passengers on this one. With any luck, the speed of vaccinations can pick up and we will be able to travel without having to deal with these crazy people on such a regular basis.