Biden’s Thought Police Is Here! Liberal Media Outlets Ordered to Stop Calling the Crisis on the Border a “Crisis”


The liberal media outlet Politico has made an insane request and we had to read it a few times to make sure that we had a handle on what they were talking about. Their staffers have been ordered to lie to their readers about the current border crisis. In fact, they are not even allowed to refer to the situation as a crisis.

The left loves these sorts of tactics. If you simply stop calling a crisis by its real name, it ceases to be a real crisis. We would not be surprised if the new rule was handed down by the Biden administration in a more direct manner. Sleepy Joe gives the marching orders and the mainstream media is sure to follow.

Newsmax has more about this, uh, interesting development: “Politico is ordering its staff to quit referring to the surge in border crossings as a crisis, according to an internal letter obtained by the Washington Examiner. The edict comes after the White House walked back President Joe Biden’s comments referring to “the crisis that ended up on the border with young people.”

This is quite the edict to be issuing at a time like this, don’t you think? Just wait until you get to read the memo that was sent out by the deputy production director over at Politico:

“Avoid referring to the present situation as a crisis, although we may quote others using that language while providing context,” Politico deputy production director Maya Parthasarathy wrote in a memo to staff. “While the sharp increase in the arrival of unaccompanied minors is a problem for border officials, a political challenge for the Biden administration and a dire situation for many migrants who make the journey, it does not fit the dictionary definition of a crisis. If using the word ‘crisis,’ we need to ask of what and to whom.”

They are not alone in this insane initiative, either. As it turns out, the Associated Press has also decided that they are not going to report the news as it occurs anymore. “The Associated Press won’t use the word “crisis,” either, telling reporters in late March to only use “accurate and neutral” terms in reporting on the increase in border crossings and to “avoid hyperbole in calling anything a crisis or an emergency,” Politico reports.

Meanwhile, all sorts of rational people are looking at the current situation and calling it exactly what it is: a crisis. “It’s been over FOUR WEEKS, and border crisis manager Kamala Harris still hasn’t visited the border. An estimated 29,000 illegal immigrants have escaped into the United States in the days since she was named manager,” tweeted Ronna McDaniel.

“Today, Democrats will pass two immigration bills that make Border Patrol’s job harder and the southern border less safe. Brilliant. That’ll fix the border crisis,” Jim Jordan chimed in. If these people can see what is really going on, what is stopping everyone else? Finally, Lance Gooden summed up our take on this once and for all:

“The American people don’t want a commission to study the Supreme Court and court-packing. They want a commission formed to SOLVE the crisis on the southern border!” he exclaimed. We could not agree with him more. The American people deserve better than this. They should never be lied to.

The mainstream media is wholly committed to telling fibs to those who are unable to obtain the real story. How can these people be expected to remain informed if outlets like the Associated Press and Politico are going to blatantly lie like this? It’s a real question that needs to be answered.

These outlets need to grow a pair and start reporting the actual news, instead of waiting for Joe Biden to tell them what to do. By following the latter plan, they are only making themselves look foolish. The mainstream media and the Democrats need a major reality check: a crisis remains even if you refuse to discuss it.