Biden’s Proud Moment as Son Admits to Smoking Parmesan Cheese


Remember when presidential families were supposed to have and maintain dignity? All that went out the window the moment that Hunter Biden entered the limelight. President Joe Biden’s son has done nothing but proves that he’s the furthest thing from being dignified.

After all, Hunter Biden has made shady deals with Ukraine and China for personal gain. He has a legitimate son as a result of an affair with a stripper. Oh, and he’s been a drug addict for years.

Joe Biden got to experience an incredibly proud moment of his son recently.

Hunter Biden admitted that he “probably smoked more Parmesan cheese than anyone.”

Oh, did Biden’s son become a chef?

Unfortunately, Hunter Biden wasn’t talking about a cooking technique when he talked about smoking Parmesan cheese. Instead, it was a reference to him being so stoned on most days to know what he was putting into his body.

During a CBS News Interview, reporter Tracy Smith was able to learn a bit more about the president’s son.

Usually, presidents are young enough to have little ones running around the White House. However, with Joe Biden being the oldest president ever at the time of the inauguration, the only little ones would be grandchildren that are brought to visit.

Hunter Biden is a 51-year-old lawyer who was dishonorably discharged from the Navy – predominantly because of drug usage.

The president’s son has managed to use his father’s political ties as a senator and, then, as VP, to his advantage. He even managed to secure a position on the board of Burisma, a Ukrainian energy company, making an impressive five-figure monthly salary.

During the CBS interview, it focused predominantly on how Hunter Biden has ended up in headlines for all of the wrong reasons. There’s even a Department of Justice investigation going on about Hunter’s finances. Though, he believes that he’ll be cleared of any wrongdoing. He has said that he’s cooperating 100 percent.

The problem is that Hunter Biden has a troubled past – and that continues to be his future. Although his father is now the president, he hasn’t been able to clean up his act.

Now, the interview exposes more of the truth behind Hunter Biden, including the reality of just what a mess he was and continues to be.

Conflict has always surrounded the Biden family – and perhaps that is somewhat to blame for the way that Hunter has turned out. He was part of the car crash in 1972 that killed his mother and sister. Joe Biden actually took his oath as being a newly appointed senator from the hospital.

Joe Biden promised that being a senator wouldn’t have a negative impact on his family. He always said that the state could always get a new senator but that the kids couldn’t get a new father.

However, Hunter Biden struggled. He struggled with substance abuse. And when Beau died from brain cancer many years later, Hunter continued his downward spiral. He admitted to binge drinking vodka to the point that it required an intervention from Joe Biden, now a vice president.

Joe Biden got him into rehab. That was his way of helping. Not quitting office to be with his son – simply shoving him into rehab.

Not surprisingly, Hunter Biden fell off the wagon once again. The CBS reporter asked when he woke up on some mornings, he’d look for crack and “smoke whatever was there?”

Pretty much. Here’s the icing on the cake…

“I spent more time on my hands and knees picking through rugs smoking anything that resembled crack cocaine.” That included Parmesan cheese.

Well, so much for Joe Biden getting any kind of ‘father of the year’ award. He watched his son sink into the deep abyss. Instead of giving his son the father he needed, he ran for public office again – becoming the president that no one needed or wanted.

Through the CBS interview, we learned that Hunter Biden never stood a chance because of his father’s shortcomings. Joe Biden didn’t know how to be a father. And, he’s proving to the entire nation that he doesn’t know how to be a president, either.