Biden’s Finest Already in Trouble as He Compares Trump to Hitler and Gets Reassigned


Joe Biden paraded himself around like a king when he thought he had won the presidential election. With the help of his Democratic supporters, he was able to pull off a very well-organized con that would secure him the Oval Office. His supporters, the media, and every other unnamed participant had to do their part, or it would not be a success. The price they would pay would be too great as many states moved to secure the election process.

Biden’s next move was to start putting together his elite team of know-it-alls. They were supposed to the best that America has to offer. But so far, they have only proven that monkeys can run the country better than they are.

Biden decided to appoint Richard Torres-Estrada to be the first and only diversity and inclusion chief. It was to be his job to make sure that there were no racial issues within the military. He was to be the one that would be accepting of anyone and everyone no matter where they came from or what political views they held.

Within days of his appointment, he would prove to be the biggest fraud to ever work for Joe Biden. Torres-Estrada revealed how much hatred and contempt he still had for former President Donald Trump.

As the new czar, he was supposed to be unbiased and non-racial in his job. And as soon as he hit the ground running, he thought he would take to social media and declared with a loud voice that Donald Trump is a Nazi.

The Democrat’s hatred for Donald Trump continues to be their downfall. The man has been out of office for three months, and they still cannot get over the fact that he commands a strong presence. At every turn, they try and blast him to pieces. Just the mere mention of his name was enough to bring down the czar to the Pentagon.

The diversity chief was taken from his newly formed post and “reassigned” while his hateful and racist posts were being investigated. A U.S. official noted that “The U.S. Special Operations Command (SOCOM) has been investigating the social media activity of Richard Torres-Estrada, days after he was announced as their new head of diversity and inclusion. Torres-Estrada’s Facebook account is currently blocked from public view, but it was still viewable in time for Fox News’ Tucker Carlson to include images of some of his posts during his show on Friday.”

Biden loves his new car, so he could not bring himself to do the right thing and fire the man for violating the very thing he was to protect others from happening to them.

The spokesperson noted that “The Commander has directed an investigation to look into the facts surrounding Mr. Torres-Estrada’s selection. It would be inappropriate to comment on specifics until the evaluation is complete.” The only thing inappropriate was what he said about Donald Trump.

The Democratic Party does not hide well their contempt for Donald Trump. He is the one man that made them all go insane. It was his strategy from the start to keep them all off-balance while he would work to make America great again. He did his job so well that even months after he left office, they are still dizzy to the point of being sick.

The conservative hater Torres-Estrada showed his true colors with his posts about the former president. It clearly shows that he believes conservatives are white supremacists and seek to install the Arian race. The deranged man should have been allowed to be in a position where he would knowingly violate the very issues that he was to put a stop to.

Biden wants to weaken the military by recreating it in his image. He wants pregnant women to be able to wear clothing that would show off their bodies. He wants to remove the stigma that men are physically stronger than women. Even though there are many things that they can do that man cannot do. There is no way possible that Biden can remove gender from the human race. Instead of playing games with the military, Biden should be strengthening the military to deal with the international mess he is creating.