Biden’s Decided to Ignore the People Even Though He Was Voted by the People


The president is supposed to be a position that carries out the will of the people. It’s this little thing called democracy, and it’s the backbone of the United States.

What happens when the person voted by the people, for the people, forgets their role?

This is the situation we have come upon with President Joe Biden.

Countless polls have shown that the majority of American adults are against the illegal migration happening at the southern border. One poll from AP-NORC showed that 72 percent of Americans are concerned that illegal immigration is a direct threat to the country.

These aren’t just Republicans being polled at this point. It’s everyone.

There’s only a slim margin of people who are in favor of allowing illegal aliens to enter the country – without a court date and without the financial means of supporting themselves.

Liberals have turned the tables. They want to paint the picture that Biden is carrying out the will of the people. They want to promote that this is the humanitarian thing to do.

They’ve even changed the verbiage so that it doesn’t sound as though anything illegal is happening. Apparently, calling people illegal aliens is dehumanizing them.

Now, they’re to be called undocumented noncitizens.

Hmm, that kind of verbiage doesn’t account for the fact that they’ve entered the United States illegally. And for those who want to use the argument that “we were all immigrants at one time,” there are immigration laws that must be followed now. Simply entering by swimming across the river or jumping a fence is illegal – and therefore, they must deal with breaking the law of a foreign nation.

Deportation is how most countries would handle it. However, Biden has shown that he’s not interested in dealing with the problem effectively.

He’s not even interested in dealing with it in a way that the majority of the country would agree with.

He’s decided to go rogue. He’s teamed up with the radical left who are interested in getting in as many migrants as possible. With more migrants come higher populations. With the next census, it means more liberal representatives in those areas – and it allows the Democratic Party to gain the majority from here on out.

And the ringleader of it all? That would be Kamala Harris. Since Biden’s VP is the one who has been in support of open borders since the very beginning, it only made sense if he put her in charge of dealing with the crisis at the border.

Biden gets to keep his hands clean while handing the country over to the liberals who are set to destroy the democracy.

The Biden administration knows they have a limited time to work. By 2022, they’ll likely lose their majority since the GOP is gaining more seats in the House. Why? Americans are tired of the games like what’s being played right now.

So, while the Democrats have their majority, they’re passing amnesty bills. It’s these bills that are allowing illegal aliens into the U.S., giving them a path to citizenship, and allowing them to take the jobs that so many Americans are in need of.

The border had been under control during the Trump administration. Biden stormed in and changed all of that with a big mouth and a few executive orders. Now, migrants are practically breaking down the borders to enter the U.S.

And why shouldn’t they? They’re being promised citizenship, jobs, free healthcare, Welfare, and more.

We have to put Americans first. Americans should get jobs before illegal aliens. Americans should gain access to taxpayer aid before it’s handed over to illegal aliens.

The people have spoken. They’re not in favor of what’s happening at the border. Is that stopping Biden from charging forward with this liberal plan? Nope. The U.S. is under siege, and with the left-wing VP calling the shots at the border, the will of the people is no longer a consideration.