Biden the Uniter in Chief? Not So Fast – 82% of All Americans Believe Country Is More Divided Under Biden’s Terror Regime


We all remember the propaganda that we heard during the lead up to the last election. Joe Biden was supposed to be the great uniter and Donald Trump was divisive. Americans were told that they needed to vote for Biden, in hopes that he would be willing to bring the country together.

That is a laugh and a half but no one wanted to listen to us at the time. Now, the chickens are finally coming home to roost. We have taken a look at the new national poll that was released by NBC News on Sunday. The results will be astounding to anyone who expected more from Biden.

Can you believe that over 80 percent of the country believes that Biden is dividing the country even more than ever before? It makes sense to us but we are sure that the liberals are in shambles. The mainstream media has been working overtime to stoke the flames and make things worse. How can anyone be surprised by what is taking place here?

Biden is not here to unite the country. He is looking to make things worse and he does not care who knows it. Over 50 percent of the poll respondents believe that the country is currently on the wrong track. These are damning numbers, no matter how they are being sliced.

“Biden received his lowest marks of approval on border security and immigration with 33 percent. He received a 34 percent approval rating on the gun issue and 35 percent when it comes to dealings with China,” The Hill reports. Before the liberals try to wish these results, we would like to issue a very important reminder.

Only 32 percent of the poll’s respondents identify as Republican. 40 percent of the respondents are actually Democrat! 1,000 adults were surveyed during the month of April and the margin for error for these responses is roughly three percentage points. There are no surprises here, especially for those of us who truly pay attention.

Meanwhile, we are sure that this poll is a tough blow for all those who drank the Biden Kool-Aid. How anyone could have thought that we were headed for a more unified America under this administration? They do not care about anyone besides themselves. Trump was doing more to keep the nation united than Biden ever will but no one wants to hear this.

That is because he put Americans first, while Biden and Harris are looking to go on yet another Democrat apology tour. We all remember when Obama spent a good chunk of one of his terms flying all over the world to apologize for things that he wasn’t even responsible for. This is the same mentality that Biden seems to have and that’s why so many are already fed up.

We only have one question left that needs to be answered. What about the people who are apparently deluding themselves into thinking that the country is not divided? There were at least 180 people who responded to this poll and did not buy into the obvious. Biden is not a uniter and this is simply not going to be his main objective.

All he’s worried about at this point is virtue signaling to those who have already voted for her. Sleepy Joe can’t do much for this country. He’s going to preach to his choir and that’s about it. Unless you are already among the converted, there is not any real uniting taking place here.

We just wish that people had been willing to listen to us on this one before now. Ignorance is definitely bliss for these people and if they are happy, what more can we say? In the meantime, we are here to make sure that the brave patriots who actually seek the truth are able to find it. In a world where the mainstream media is more worried about propping up Sleepy Joe’s lifeless corpse, this is something that we take very seriously.