Too Bad for You! Asians Are Excluded From Biden’s “Anti-Racism” Push and Hate Crimes Against Asians Are Exploding


NBC News published an explainer over the window that delves into all of it. Evidently, the severity of a hate crime depends on the ethnicity of both parties involved. White people can obviously commit hate crimes but even their definition seems a bit over the top. The obvious hate crimes were mentioned but what about the other minority groups?

The current pandemic is being blamed on China, which is causing all sorts of hate crimes to take place. Shouldn’t this be considered a major problem? The mainstream media has told us time and time again that racism cannot be tolerated under any circumstances. What is the hold up now? Asian-Americans are being treated very poorly.

We just want the mainstream to step up and do what is right here. Instead, NBC News is out there telling people that they need to take their time and get all of the facts. That’s not what they have been saying before but we are accustomed to these types of lies. All of a sudden, they are very, very worried about unjust accusations taking place on their watch. Take a closer look at the explainer and see for yourself.

“As the recent wave of attacks on older Asian Americans prompts calls for action and activism, experts urge the use of precise, accurate language in discussing the violence.

The robberies and assaults in several big-city Chinatowns have led to significant media coverage and outcry from activists, many of whom have labeled the incidents hate crimes. But recent higher-profile cases that have gone viral on social media aren’t being investigated as such, law enforcement officials say. Officials say the occurrences don’t show signs of being racially motivated.

Social media posts have conflated violence against people who are Asian American with hate crimes against the community at large, tying the crimes to pandemic-related racism. Some sources have declared a “spike” in hate crimes, citing an astronomical increase. But the figure they refer to specifically reflects New York City and New York police data obtained by NBC Asian America, which showed three anti-Asian hate crimes in 2019 and 28 last year. No hate crimes were reported this year so far,” NBC News claims.

This article is as vague and noncommittal as you would expect. There’s not much to work with here, as the whole thing is very toothless. There all sorts of officials and experts who are supposedly on top of this but there are no names being named. It’s just a bunch of nonsense that is designed to hit all of the usual liberal pleasure centers.

You know how they are, as long as their activism does not need to get specific, they are all for it. “Can we complain about this online without having to get up out of our easy chairs?” is the main concern here. NBC News knows it and that’s why they are catering to them. There is one moment where the article starts to get oddly specific, though. (Experts) emphasize that that’s particularly important if suspects are of color in the context of a justice system that hasn’t been proven to be colorblind,” NBC News reports.

Essentially, the only time that anyone needs to be worried about a hate crime is when the victims or offenders are dragged into court. Other than that, all is well. Asians are never going to get the same protection that is afforded to other minority groups in America and that is an absolute shame. It would be nice if the mainstream media would stop playing games of pretend and care as much as they should all of the time.