This Is Insanity! Biden Announces New Maternity Flight Suits So Pregnant Women Can Participate in America’s War Fighting (Video)


International Women’s Day took place earlier this week and of course, the Biden White House had to come up with an insane announcement to commemorate the occasion. The United States military is apparently very focused on the creation of “maternity flight suits” for their female members. Evidently, they are going to be dropped behind enemy lines during wartime.

The statement was made by Biden yet before he had another of his signature memory lapses. This made the moment even more hilarious for those of us who can find the humor in the current administration. He did not know where he was at the time and could not even name the general that was standing directly behind him.

Kamala Harris’ role has already evolved significantly. She’s gone from being a first time vice president to a handler/de facto president. Our government is turning into a joke right in front of our very eyes. The worst part of all is that people are acting like this is totally normal stuff.

Yes, sitting presidents often spend their weekends sleeping and playing Mario Kart at Camp David. How can you blame the guy? He’s been in office for all of 15 minutes and he’s already tired out. Harris is now left to pick up the slack anytime he can’t handle the most basic duties that are associated with an American presidency.

To be perfectly frank, we did not set the bar that high for Biden but this is too much. How can anyone be okay with watching this guy ramble about maternity clothing for our female troops? This is the new administration in a nutshell. They are so worried about making sure that progressives love them, they don’t take the time to consider the needs of anyone else.

Biden never stopped to think that people might not be that impressed with this idea because it is a silly one. Why would a visibly pregnant woman need to be asked to do something this dangerous? Biden has already lost his mind and it looks like his common sense has gone with it. This administration seems to believe that they need to add some woke twist to everything.

In reality, the military does not need these kinds of bells and whistles. You know why that is? It’s because they are the military. These brave men and women wake up every day and fight for our freedom. They are not sitting around hoping that Joe Biden and his administration will be ready to pander to them. That’s not what military service is all about.

These people offer their service because their love for America runs deep, much deeper than Biden’s or any of his cronies. They don’t need the ceremonial bull crap. This is the same Biden that was recently taken to task for providing the troops who are protecting Washington, D.C. with shoddy meals and living conditions. That is the moment when he finally decided to show everyone his true colors.

Joe Biden doesn’t bleed red, white and blue, like Trump did. There’s only one color that matters to him and that’s green. He knows that he can wring more donations out of the progressives when he engages in silly little displays like these. They are the first ones to eat it all up when he goes on these types of tangents. We have all seen them run to social media to give him all sorts of congratulations for his latest batch of woke propaganda.

They are always looking for the next frontier, even before they have actually accomplished anything of value. Biden and his team do not care about the concerns of the average American because they are already onto the next scheme. He’s already figured out how to play the progressives like a fiddle and he can’t even manage to keep his eyes open most of the time. Imagine what he could accomplish if he didn’t need so many naps!