Oh My God, This Is Our President! Watch Biden Spacing out on His Call With NASA’S Mars Rover Team (Video)


If you have ever watched Joe Biden attempt to speak in public, you know that it can be a train wreck waiting to happen. We always come away thinking to ourselves, “what in the name of all that is holy that we just watched?” This latest clip is certainly no different in that regard.

Biden joined NASA on a virtual call on Thursday, in hopes of congratulating them on the Mars rover landing. He should have stuck to the script. Once he tries to speak for himself, things got ridiculous pretty quickly. The man was unable to string words together and it only got more confusing the more he tried.

“You believe in science, you believe in hard work and you believe in what darned thing you couldn’t do,” he said. What a bunch of word salad. This man’s brain has turned into Jell-O in front of our very eyes. To his credit, he tries to use his notes to get back on track but it did not go very well.

It’s painful to watch this man speak in public. It’s also funny that the same people who would sit around and analyze every Donald Trump speech to make sure he was okay mentally don’t seem to mind this. As long as your guy is in the big seat, it doesn’t matter if his brain shorts out every time he tries to string more than a sentence or two together.

The worst part of all is that it is tough for us to tell the difference between his dementia and his natural Biden foolishness. In a weird way, it’s like the mental deficiencies help him. They keep people from being able to notice how stupid he is under normal circumstances. He wasn’t exactly working with a full deck to begin with, if we are being totally honest here.

The people who want to defend him against the voter fraud allegations are being given a great point to work with, though. How could he possibly have done anything wrong when he can barely formulate a coherent thought? If we had to guess, we would presume that Kamala Harris was the point man on this one.

As a former California Attorney General, she’s not really beholden to logic, which works in this party’s favor. For Biden’s part, he is just trying his best to fulfill the normal presidential role. Calling up NASA and offering congratulations is just what a president does. Unfortunately, even the simplest of tasks are eluding him now.

That’s what happens when you elect someone who is going to be over 80 years old by the time their first term has finished. We would say that he has no shame but since he probably can’t even remember where he put his car keys, that might be a bridge too far. He’s just the figurehead that they have placed in the seat because they knew no other candidate had the name recognition that they needed.

The Democrats could not risk trotting out an unknown quantity during an election that was this important to them. Now, the plan is falling into place. Biden’s mental acuity continues to slip in a more and more noticeable way. Harris is probably already in the process of writing her first speech for when she is officially made president. Biden has openly said that he only expects to serve the first term and then bow out gracefully.

Harris is in trouble if Biden decides to run again. The COVID-19 vaccine honeymoon that is going to carry them for the next year or so is going to wear off at some point. When that happens, they are going to have to make a real argument for their own effectiveness again. We all know how this is going to work out. Hopefully, Biden’s brain does not short out in plain view of the rest of the country again anytime soon.