No the Massage Parlor Shootings Are Not Asian-Hate Crimes! the Motive Was Sex-Addiction Not Hate


The culture wars that have been taking place over the past few months are about to hit a fever pitch. A lunatic decided to go on a shooting spree in the Atlanta area and murdered several Asian massage parlor employees. The mainstream media has already decided that this was a hate crime and they do not want to be told differently.

Eight people were murdered in total. Six of the victims were of Asian descent and the other two victims were white. The shootings took place at three different massage parlors in and around the city of Atlanta. The pattern of these shootings raised the possibility that they were racially motivated. According to a new study that was just released, anti-Asian sentiment in this country has been on the rise for the past year.

Those who have been using phrases like “China virus” and “Kung flu” are being told that they are evil and wrong for doing so. The whole thing has already turned into quite a massive witch hunt. Yahoo News has more about the results of the recent study, however. This phenomenon cannot be dismissed out of hand if we are being totally fair about the current state of affairs.

“The report by Stop AAPI Hate documents 3,795 racially motivated attacks against Asian Americans from March to February, noting that the number is likely a fraction of the attacks that occurred because many were not reported to the group…

About 68% of the anti-Asian attacks documented in the study were verbal harassment, 21% were shunning and 11% were physical assaults.

About 4 in 10 Asian Americans said people have acted uncomfortable around them because of their race since the pandemic started, and 31% said they have been subjected to racial slurs or jokes, according to a Pew Research Center study,” Yahoo News reports.

An analysis of police statistics was also performed, which finds that there has been a significant spike in Asian hate crimes over the past year. The 150% spike is mostly concentrated in the larger coastal cities, like New York and Los Angeles. Biden is condemning what is taking place, too. So what does any of this have to do with the killing spree in Atlanta?

From the looks of it, a motive was assigned to him before anyone had a chance to find out what had even taken place. That’s the mainstream media for you. “At a news conference, a law enforcement official says early indications are that Atlanta-area mass shooter Robert Aaron Long may have been motivated by issues stemming from “sexual addiction,” not racism — but he cautions that the investigation is in an early stage,” Aaron Rupar shared.

Meanwhile, one of the officers who was closely involved with the arrest was a bit more explicit about their interpretation of events. Since they had a chance to speak with the shooter directly, it seems likely that they would have a strong idea of what they are talking about. Call us crazy on this one but we would rather hear what these officers have to be.

“Cherokee County, GA Sheriff’s Office Capt. Jay Baker says Atlanta shooting suspect claims attacks were “not racially motivated.” Baker says: “He apparently has an issue, what he considers a sex addiction … it’s a temptation for him that he wanted to eliminate,” multiple outlets shared. “New: Cherokee Co. Sherrif’s Department out with a statement. They say they interviewed the alleged shooter in Atlanta last night and he said it wasn’t about race…it was about his blaming women at these parlors for his addiction to sex,” said others.

Of course, there are those who will say that a killer’s statements don’t need to be taken at face value. This young man is probably very worried about the heightened penalties that are extended to those in Georgia who are found to have committed a hate crime. In the meantime, we will simply wait to see what else the killer has to say before jumping to any wild conclusions.