Is This America? Yet Another Child Removed From Their Parents for Posting a Facebook Picture Without Mask (Video)


Melanie Joseph has been engaged in the battle of a lifetime over the course of the past year. Her son was taken away from her because of a post that she made on Facebook. She was not wearing a mask in the post, so the liberal police had her separated from her own flesh and blood.

Now, she has been reduced to begging the public for help. The system is very corrupt and it is targeting anyone who considers themselves a free thinker. Joseph spoke with the Gateway Pundit about the dangerous precedent that has been set. The court system can coerce parents into giving up their own children and once they do? They are never able to see them again.

A parental timeshare had been put into place initially. However, Broward County, Florida Circuit Court Judge Dale Cohen has decided to suspend that agreement. Their 14 year old son Logan is the child in question. The father brought a photo of her not wearing a mask to one of their court appointments and even though her son was not with her at the time, it was still a major problem.

She was on her way to an appointment for an oral surgery when the picture was taken. Does context matter even one iota to these insane people? Here’s another aspect of this whole argument that is being ignored: masks were not even considered to be mandatory in that area at that time!

To make a bad situation worse, Joseph is now claiming that she was raped by her son’s father and that is how he was conceived. The father is now using COVID-19 and a corrupt court system to advance his own selfish needs. Joseph is trying her best to fight back but it is very tough sledding at the moment.

“My son’s father raped me — and three months after my son was born, he pursued me in court. He ended up getting a deal where custody would be split 50/50 because there wasn’t anything on paper about the rape other than records from my therapy,” she says. The father is also said to have a criminal record.

She attempted to press charges over the incident but the state was not willing to help her. The state attorney is said to have written a letter saying that they believe her. There was not evidence to prosecute the case or win it, so the whole thing was dropped. This is how this woman is being treated for simply trying her best to be a good mother.

None of these horrific things are as bad as being seen not wearing a mask one time. The judge even berated this poor woman over this choice and in case anyone thinks she is lying, she has posted audio of the diatribe on her Instagram page. The woman already had a long distance custody agreement in place, as the boy’s father had recently moved out of the county.

Now, Joseph is not going to be able to see her son until she has received the coronavirus vaccine. She must also provide the judge with proof that she has received it. The father would only agree to one form of custody. She gets to see her son twice a year and in order to do so, she has to make the drive from Florida to North Carolina. Joseph only agreed to these terms because she felt that this was her only chance to see her son again.

“I was forced into a settlement, meaning my lawyer had stated to me that off-record, the judge hates me because I damaged his reputation by going public, on top of the fact that he already hated me because he considers me a COVID denier and an anti-masker,” she explained to Gateway Pundit. “None of that, by the way, ever came out of my mouth.” If you would like to help her through this battle, be sure to visit her GoFundMe page!