Fauci Selling out America? Emails Obtained by Judicial Watch Show Fauci’s NIH Conspired With China to Keep COVID-19 Under Wraps


The National Institutes of Health and their interactions with the World Health Organization and China are now being monitored more closely than ever before. Judicial Watch is on the case. Their findings are sure to stun some but we saw this coming all along.

They asked for e-mails that are related to Dr. Fauci and China and the WHO. It took a bit but they have finally received the necessary correspondence. Let’s take a closer look at the information that they have been able to obtain, shall we?

“Judicial Watch announced today that it and the Daily Caller News Foundation (DCNF) received 301 pages of emails and other records of Dr. Anthony Fauci and Dr. H. Clifford Lane from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services showing that National Institutes of Health (NIH) officials tailored confidentiality forms to China’s terms and that the World Health Organization (WHO) conducted an unreleased, “strictly confidential” COVID-19 epidemiological analysis in January 2020.

Additionally, the emails reveal an independent journalist in China pointing out the inconsistent COVID numbers in China to NIH’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases’ Deputy Director for Clinical Research and Special Projects Cliff Lane,” Judicial Watch says.

Of course, this is merely just a good start. There is more to the story, which is great news for those who are looking to see these entities finally be held responsible for their actions. Judicial Watch is on the case and they want to make sure that everyone knows it!

“The new emails include a conversation about confidentiality forms on February 14-15, 2020, between Lane and WHO Technical Officer Mansuk Daniel Han. Han writes: “The forms this time are tailored to China’s terms so we cannot use the ones from before.”

A WHO briefing package sent on February 13, 2020, to NIH officials traveling to China as part of the COVID response ask that the officials wait to share information until they have an agreement with China: “IMPORTANT: Please treat this as sensitive and not for public communications until we have agreed on communications with China,” the report continues.

These revelations are definitely baffling, to say the least. It goes against everything that we have been told about how the pandemic was going to be handled and that’s too bad. Fauci’s NIH should not have been bending over backward like this. Why do they need to be in compliance with China on anything?

They are the ones who lied and unleashed this horrific virus onto the world and nearly 3 million have passed away, to say nothing of all the long haul patients who are going to be dealing with complications for the rest of their life. The WHO also has a lot of questions to answer about the manner in which they chose to handle things.

The epidemiological analysis that is so confidential needed to be more transparent and we’re not the only ones who seem to think that way. There was a lot of lying going on here and at long last, the truth is coming to light. These organizations need to be very worried about what is taking place.

It should be a lesson to everyone about what happens when you attempt to tell lies of this magnitude and think you will be getting away with them. Trump served as a major thorn in the side of these organizations but he alone cannot topple them. It takes the work of many brave patriots who are willing to step up to the plate. The truth cannot remain in the darkness forever.

Dr. Fauci and his cohorts have spent a lot of time lying to the American people over the past year or so. Anyone who said that they were was called a conspiracy theorist and treated like a liar. Now that the information we have sought is coming to light, it is time for some of these people to come collect a slice of humble pie. This is what happens when you blindly listen to a charlatan like Dr. Fauci.