Democrats Are Now Officially Going After Fair Elections! House Passes New Bill Guaranteeing Only Democrats Can Ever Win Another Election


The For the People Act of 2021 ensures that the Democrats will have all the time that they need to count upvotes. In essence, what they have done is pass a law that is going to allow them to swipe any election that they want to going forward. COVID-19 was already used as a vehicle for them to take back the White House.

These monsters know no bounds. The Senate and quite possibly the House are going to be stolen as well. They used all sorts of dirty tricks, including ballot harvesting and ballot drop boxes. Mail-in ballots were also a big part of the scam, as most readers are already well aware. Ballots will also continue to be counted in secret.

There are other methods being used to help the Democrats steal elections in an easier manner that are not being discussed as much as they should be. Voters will be given the option to register automatically and they will be expanding the amount of absentee voting that can take place, in addition to early voting.

“This is something that is enormously popular among the American people. The American people want to reduce the role of big, dark, special interest money in politics, which is preventing so many good things from happening. The people want to see an end to voter suppression,” said Nancy Pelosi earlier this week.

She’s always been full of it when it comes to these things. She will say whatever she has to in these instances because there’s nothing else to do but toe the party line. The Republicans are working overtime to prevent voter fraud and the Democrats are actively working to make it even easier. Republican-controlled state legislatures in 28 states are trying their best, having filed more than 100 bills that are designed to address the problem.

That’s not what the Democrats want. Now that they have gotten a taste of ill-gotten victory, there’s nowhere positive to go from here. The new bill is now heading to the Senate, where they have a majority and Kamala Harris has the ability to serve as a valuable tiebreaker. The progressive types are also in the process of trying to get rid of the filibuster.

That’s because the bill is not going to advance in the Senate unless it receives 60 votes. There is just one problem with this idea from the Democrats’ point of view. Democrat Senators Manchin and Sinema are opposed to the idea and they have no problem standing in the way of any legislation that they do not deem helpful. They are two of the only sane members of that party if we are being totally honest.

Let us stop praising Democrats before we lose our minds entirely, though. These senators may not be willing to take the most drastic steps but they are still allowing any number of other policies go through. If these senators want to show everyone what they are actually made of, this is their chance to do just that. Otherwise, it’s just going to be more empty posturing from the Democratic party.

After all, this is what they do and that is what they are all about. The election theft, as we have said in the past, has only given them the chance to become bolder and bolder. The filibuster cannot be eliminated, as this is one of the only ways to ensure that our democracy remains untouched. They spent four years treating Trump like a little boy who wanted to be king forever but now they are making the exact choices that they once decried.