Clueless Biden Stumbles Through Speech and Forgets Name of Pentagon and Secretary of Defense (Video)


Maybe they should start letting the vice president handle this type of stuff. She needs all of the practice that she can get in the meantime. Before she knows it, she is going to be sitting in the big chair. Biden couldn’t even manage to tell us who he nominated yesterday. The two female generals that were selected for four-star combatant commands must be so proud.

This was not even the most embarrassing part of the announcement. Biden also managed to forget the name of the Pentagon, which is no mean feat. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin couldn’t even get a shout-out either because Biden does not know his name.

“I want to thank the — former general, I keep calling him General — the guy who runs that outfit over there. I want to make sure we thank the Secretary,” Biden babbled. Kamala was watching the whole thing go down and we would love to hear access to her internal dialogue. She has to be wondering when she is going to be tapped to sit in Biden’s chair.

How much longer can this cruel charade be allowed to go on for? The mainstream media wants to prop up Biden and make us forget his dementia but that’s never going to happen. He reminds everyone of how much he has crumbled on a daily basis. The media types that allow this to happen are just worried that they are going to be taken to task for supporting such a handicapped candidate.

That’s how it works when they are challenged in any meaningful way for their bad decisions. They rigged the election and allowed the theft to take place. As a result of this foolishness, the rest of us are now stuck enduring this Weekend at Bernie’s routine. All we are going to say is that if it comes out later that Biden was actually deceased this whole time, we are not going to be at all surprised.

This is the part where we remind people how different it would have been if Trump had been involved. We would have been treated to 10,000 stories about how he is putting the nation at risk and how we cannot allow such a compromised man to have access to the secrets that presidents are privy to. Did anyone see any of that yesterday?

They certainly did not because the mainstream media was not about to turn against their guy like that. They have come too far now to turn back and we all know it. All they can do is bide their time and wait for Harris to have her turn as president. That’s all this ever was to any of them.

Biden was the perfect milquetoast candidate that was able to serve as the inoffensive alternative to that mean old Trump. Anyone who looks too far into Biden’s past will find that he is not the nicest guy in the world but hey, what do we know? We only pay attention to the facts and details that the liberals are too busy ignoring.

Be sure to show them this video, so that they can see the train wreck that they have wrought upon us for themselves. We are beyond tired of his nonsense and we are fed up with all of the excuses that are made for it. This man doesn’t even know the name of the Pentagon but we are supposed to believe that he is going to be able to have our best interests at heart. Yeah, sure.