Chameleon Harris! Following Political Opportunism Harris Is No Longer Black but Remembers Her Asian Genes


    The latest NBC News story on Kamala Harris made a very interesting distinction. In the wake of the alleged Asian-American hate crime in Atlanta last week, they have now decided that Harris is an Asian woman. At first, we were told that she is a black woman and that was how she needed to be identified.

    The left’s insanity continues. News organizations do not know what they are talking about anymore. They are just saying things and looking to fit into the current news cycle. It does not matter if these words align with what they have said before now.

    The Democrats are the real racists and they show it time and time again. How is it even accurate to re-label Kamala every time something happens? The real Americans who truly care about their country are not as worried about race as the mainstream media seems to be.

    There are always race-related issues that they seem to manufacture out of thin air and it can be frustrating to anyone who is relatively sane. It’s like we are living in a world where everything is considered racist all of the time, until the Democrats do it.

    Once the Democrats have done it, it is now considered woke as can be. This is what happens anytime they overstep their boundaries. “White people need to acknowledge their privilege and start actively working to dismantle racism.” Then, when they are the ones who are caught behaving in the wrong manner?

    All of a sudden, it’s not racist! They need to wake up and smell the coffee. The real ‘privilege’ is having the ability to sit around nitpicking other people all day. The Democrats have a party full of racists with all sorts of skeletons in their closets. The party can pretend all they want but informed Americans know the truth.

    The average American is not a racist. They are kind, decent, hard-working and tired of being told how awful they are on an everyday basis. They want to work hard, take care of their families and not have their names dragged through the mud constantly.

    Is that so much to ask? Apparently, it is….when the Democrats are in charge. This is a party that loves to pat themselves on the back for putting a stop to racism but they need to stop pointing fingers. Their own hands are not clean and they never have been.

    The media is going to change people’s races to advance whatever agenda they have at the time and it’s beyond obvious to all of us. If you bring this up publicly, you are looked at like some kind of monster. The mainstream media seems to dictate the terms of engagement on these topics more than we would like.

    No American is ever going to want to be told how to think and feel by mainstream media. The future is getting more and more terrifying to those who are looking to simply live their lives and be left alone. It’s like this is an impossible thing to ask for these days. Even if you’re a white person who has never done or said anything racist, you are still told that you need be different.

    The Democrats are at the head of that charge and they will be wearing kente cloth as they tell you all about yourself. They love false representation and they love to make claims that are definitively not true. We thought that all of this would be over once election season came and went. Unfortunately, we are still stuck listening to it in the meantime.

    Anyone who wants a break from it is basically forced to turn off their TV and put their phone down for the day. It’s like there is no good news to come by anymore. Hopefully, Harris strikes back against this insane coverage and puts a stop to the race-baiting mainstream news media once and for all!