Biden Boots Kids Into Crowded Trailers and Lights the Proverbial Fire


Kamala Harris and the rest of the nutty Democrats loathed the idea of kids being held at detention centers for illegals. She and others such as the fake Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez made it a point to travel to these places and stage pictures all for the purpose of making a political statement. Harris hated the idea of kids being behind bars because they were in the country illegally.

Her idea, along with Joe Biden, was to permanently do away with every center that existed for the sole purpose of housing these kids until such a time that they could return home or be admitted to the country.

Harris cried over the so-called horrible conditions that she led people to believe existed in such facilities. But the truth of the matter is that the conditions were pleasant and conducive to helping the immigrants get healthy and stay safe while they were processed, and a plan was enacted to help them out.

The Democrats have fought hard to push their politicized story of neglect and abuse to happen to the children at the centers. Their entire purpose was to attack Donald Trump and blame him for something that Barack Obama started two presidential terms earlier. It was his idea to cage kids up like animals.

But Biden’s immigration stance and policies are not helping the issues of kids in cages much. Kamala Harris and Biden were once against the very idea of detaining kids and putting them behind bars. But now that Biden has opened up the borders to a migration invasion, he has no choice to but to resume what his boss, Barack Obama, did years earlier.

Illegals use kids to gain access to the United States. People take the kids and claim that they are their own when, in fact, they are not even related. The kids are being used as pawns for criminals to gain access to the country.

The number of kids swelling the border has increased to the point the border agents cannot hold all of them. Ever since Biden removed the security measures that Donald Trump put in place, the issue has blown up out of control.

Donald Trump had the number of illegals trying to gain access to the country down to a trickle. It was not worth the people’s effort to come north if they would be forced to follow the rules. But now that there are no rules, the trickle has blown up to an average of 321 kids a day being abused and used by people to cross the border.

If Joe Biden truly cared about the kids, he would have left Trump’s measures in place. But he was determined to gain favor with Trump haters that he lost sight of the fact that he has to protect the country. Something that he is failing about miserably.

The holding capacity for the centers is nearing 100 percent. Kids are being packed together, which puts them at risk of COVID-19 infections. And, of course, the pathetic president does not care about the health of the kids. He just wants to let them run loose on the streets of America. The president has absolutely no idea what he is doing and what needs to be done to ensure everyone’s safety.

Biden even has his top advisers, such as Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, lying about the issues. How he can turn a blind eye to the problem and then lie about the issue is beyond reason. He stated, “We are not saying don’t come, we are saying don’t come now, because we will be able to deliver a safe and orderly process to them as quickly as possible.”

He clearly does not see a problem at the border. He will never admit that there is a problem because that would mean that Biden made a terrible mistake in removing the policies that Trump had laid out for everyone to follow.

The Republicans noted that Border Patrol had stopped over 2,000 kids from crossing the border in just one week. And somehow, this is not a problem for the Biden administration. If it is not a problem, then there is no reason why Biden should be opening new kids in cages centers across the country.