We’re Forced to Deal with Liberals Until SpaceX Can Figure Out How to Successfully Launch (and Land)


Everyone’s rooting for Elon Musk at this point. The only way we’re ever going to get rid of the liberals is by blasting off into space and leaving them in the dust.

Imagine if we really could colonize Mars. It would be a chance to start over. It would be a chance to build the great nation we were always meant to have.

We could avoid being accused of systemic racism. We could avoid the riots. We could have a clean slate.

The only problem is that SpaceX launches have been less than successful.

Countless tests and launches have been performed out of a facility in South Texas. A lot has been riding on the Starship rocket.

SN8 had a disappointing landing a few weeks ago.

SN9 launched earlier this week, finally, after the FAA had placed restrictions on the company. With the SN8 failure, these restrictions weren’t a big surprise.

It seems as though Elon Musk is mankind’s only hope of getting into space these days. NASA isn’t spending the money that they used to. Meanwhile, the FAA has been constantly trying to pull SpaceX back down to earth.

The SN9 launch was almost perfect.

The rocket lifted off from the bad that it should have. Then, the “bellyflop” happened, which meant the Starship went from upright to horizontal so that gravity could direct it back to the ground. Due to “wings” on the side of the rocket, the bellyflop was highly stable.

The rocket is supposed to land upright. However, some of those rockets broke apart. Debris was sent everywhere. The rocket didn’t land upright. Instead, it flipped over and exploded.

The fireball was proof that we’re not headed to Mars anytime soon. We can’t even get a basic launch and landing. No one’s going to raise their hand to go into space with Elon Musk if the rockets continue to land in a fireball.

When the Starship rocket eventually gets finished and fully developed, it will be larger than Saturn V – the rocket that pushed astronauts (and their equipment) toward the moon.

There’s hope. What happened to SN9 is definitely a setback. However, SN10 is already on the testing grounds. With each explosion comes a learning phase – and the only hope is that the scientists and engineers in SpaceX can figure out what’s going on.

In the meantime, we’ll have to wait and deal with the liberals on our own. We won’t be able to hide from them on Mars.

Somehow, we’ll have to figure out what’s really going on. Perhaps the GOP will figure out a way to get Biden to actually push legislation through Congress. After all, there should be enough executive orders written now to last him through his first 100 days.

Perhaps, too, we can get Jen Psaki to tell the press what’s really happening. Maybe she’ll answer some questions instead of circling back on every important issue.

If we’re really lucky, the liberals will even decide that they don’t need National Guard members to stand around Washington DC for the next six weeks. There is no threat. They’re simply showing that they have the power to hold the guard members for as long as they want.

We can hope and dream of what SpaceX will be able to do. While we might not see the colonization of Mars within our lifetime, there’s the hope that it will become the greatness that we all hope it will be.

Imagine – one political party. Or, perhaps, no political party at all. Mankind can simply exist and work on the betterment of science in order to see all that we’re able to accomplish. No riots. No ridiculous legislation.

While Elon Musk works on preventing his next rocket from ending in a fireball, the GOP will be working tirelessly to prevent the same thing from happening to our country.