Slow Down, Joe – American Graduates Should Come First


Oh, our president really knows how to put Americans first. Right now, students across thousands of colleges and universities are preparing to graduate. They’ll be ready to enter the workforce and be contributing members of the economy.

Only, they won’t have any jobs. Instead of letting American graduates have an opportunity to grab some of the jobs found in Fortune 500 companies across the country, they’ll be given out to those who aren’t even American citizens.

Joe Biden’s so hell-bent on rescinding Trump proclamations and executive orders that he’s punishing Americans in the process.

The moment Biden signs the executive order, immigrants are able to scoop up jobs at will.

Tens of thousands of foreign graduates will fill all of those amazing Fortune 500 jobs that college students have been eyeing for the past four years they’ve been studying.

The U.S. has always been the land of opportunity. However, we have to put Americans first. Otherwise, going to college is an empty promise. It will lead to more people with student debt and the inability to work in their field to pay that debt off.

College-aged voters put their faith in Joe Biden with the expectation that he would look out for them. Instead, he has turned his back on them all.

There are already plenty of non-immigrant contract workers in the U.S. Government data shows that there are at least one million working white-collar jobs.

We’re not denying anyone the ability to work in the U.S. We’re simply stating that there has to be a priority for Americans to get the jobs first.

There’s a reason Trump did what he did. He blocked contract workers from entering the U.S. in June and September. It was his way of curbing some of the immigrant migration so that American graduates could get jobs.

This wasn’t Trump making a move because he felt like it. This wasn’t uncalculated. Rather, he was dependent on reports from the Secretary of Labor as well as the Secretary of Homeland Security.

It showed that there were various immigrant and nonimmigrant visa categories that had large admissions of workers that posed risks of disadvantaging and even displacing U.S. workers.

American workers shouldn’t have to compete so heavily with foreign nationals and even against illegal aliens.

Often, the temporary workers and aliens are willing to do the job for much less. They’re making more than they were in their home country. They’re just grateful for a paycheck.

Meanwhile, the Americans who demand a higher wage and who are more qualified lose out – and they’re the ones with student loans that need to be paid back.

It’s crazy to think that Biden would rather side with multinational employers and even U.S. corporations that are more concerned with the bottom line than doing right by Americans.

It’s also crazy that Democrats are sitting around on Capitol Hill arguing about how large the economic stimulus bill should be and how much the checks should be to Americans – yet there’s still the possibility of taking away countless jobs from Americans so that they can go to people who aren’t even in the country.

No one is saying that the country can’t be the land of opportunities. However, we have to put a pause on awarding visas when there are plenty of Americans who are looking for jobs.

There has to come a time where we prioritize Americans. If we’re ever going to get the economy back on track and prevent low-income communities from becoming even lower-income, we have to help Americans get to work.

If college graduates can’t find jobs once they enter the workforce, what hope do others have? What hope do we have of turning things around?

Democrats around the country promised that Biden would be the right choice. They promised that he’d do what’s right for Americans.

It turns out that we were all fooled – and Biden is only doing right for those looking to enter America, not the ones that are already here.