Oops! Dems Fanatic Push to Punish GOP Rep Marjorie Taylor Green Backfires, Increases Her Popularity


The Democrats are currently pushing to try and turn Marjorie Taylor Green into the poster child for the GOP. Sadly, they are well on their way but this decision has come with some consequences that they did not bank on.

As it turns out, they are not nearly as good at controlling the narrative as they thought they were.

This reminds us an awful lot of the Democrats’ last plan to get rid of the person that they did not like. 2015 and 2016 were filled with all sorts of inflammatory Trump coverage where he was painted as the villain to end all villains. It backfired on them then, too.

As it turns out, you cannot start these narratives and control where they end up.

If anything, they only enhanced the idea of Trump as some sort of dangerous outsider and made him more appealing to his voting base in the process. At the time, they thought all of their whining about Trump was going to make a difference.

Surely, he could not win once November rolled around. The orange man is bad!

We all remember how that one played out. His politics were not going to shape the GOP and the Democrats were so sure of it.

Now, they are bound and determined to repeat these mistakes with Taylor. It is fairly amusing to watch the playbook get rolled out again. Greene’s favorability ratings only continue to rise as she is being attacked.

She was stripped of her committee assignments and she warned people about what she would do if she was given this much free time to mess with the liberals. This is a tough pill for them to swallow.

The less they allow her to do, the more people like her. Yes, her approval rating has gone down when it comes to the general public.

If that’s all they wanted to see, bully for them. On the other hand, her approval ratings are only going up when it comes to the GOP. This isn’t too hard to follow.

Even if there are Republicans who are not ecstatic about joining forces with the Q task force, they are never going to let on about that. It’s easier to pretend to like her, to stick it to the Democrats.

There is one major problem here that they are not engaging with.

If you raise someone’s profile to this extent, you are only increasing the size of their platform. When you don’t want someone’s ideologies to take root, you should probably stop sharing them with everyone who will listen. She’s barely been there a month and is already one of the most well known Republicans.

Well done, Democrats. Your attempts at canceling her have only made her more powerful. They still have yet to grasp that lesson and this mentality is going to lead them to some very sad places in the future. When Greene is able to utilize her bigger platform in ways that upset them, they are going to have no one to blame but themselves.

She’s their new boogeyman and as far as they are concerned, they are totally going to end her reign of terror before it starts. This is not how the world works nor has it ever been. Don’t tell the Dems that, though.

They are forever convinced that they are going to be able to cancel people into oblivion.

It hasn’t worked yet but that does not stop them from trying, bless their little hearts. Greene’s taunts fell on deaf ears and they continue to give her all of the free time that she could ever want. It would be funny if it weren’t so predictable.

Their thick skulls caused them to learn nothing from boosting Trump’s popularity and they are determined to repeat all of the same errors. Greene’s level of fame is on the rise. How much longer are they going to continue down this insane path?