Oh’ the Irony! AOC Warns Social Media to Stop Fact-Checking Her Stories


AOC has been on quite the lying tour these days and the ironies are starting to pile up faster than we can point them out. The lies are also being pointed out, much to her chagrin. She was all for the censorship of conservatives but now that social media is looking to put a stop to her lying?

Of course, it’s a big problem.

She embellished what took place when the rioters stormed the Capitol to such a ridiculous extent, there are even lefties who are getting tired of the act. It progressed to the point where she was trending on Twitter for reasons that she did not like. The good folks over at Trending Politics provided some further background on the situation.

“On Wednesday, “#AlexandriaOcasioSmollett” trended on Twitter after socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was caught up in a hoax when she claimed she had a “near-death” experience in the US Capitol riot even though she wasn’t in the Capitol building,” they reported.

The hashtag got under Ocasio-Cortez’s skin to the extent that she decided to play the victim.

This is what Democrats do when they are caught in fibs of this nature. They do not care how big the lie may be, they only care about tricking people into going along with whatever narrative they have hatched.

AOC’s plan for handling this is every bit as ridiculous as readers would have expected. This isn’t even the first time that she has been caught lying, either.

We have been calling out these lies for years but everyone knows how that goes. If you say anything, her inability to tell the truth or her willingness to always center herself. In 2019, she had the audacity to stage a photo op outside of a border entrance gate. It takes some serious guts to pull a stunt like that but for the most part?

The mainstream media let her get away with it. Did they bother to ask any of the very obvious questions? No, they did not.

Instead, they neglected the fact that the whole photo op was a lie. She wasn’t at a border entrance gate at all. This is the sort of lie that used to destroy someone’s entire political career and now you can’t even get anyone to bat an eye.

If this is brought back up now, people act like it never happened at all. AOC should apologize for the lies she’s told but we all know that is never going to happen. Anyone who calls her a liar is just roped into one of her ongoing quote tweet battles on Twitter.

She thinks that the revolution is going to happen from behind her phone keyboard and we have got some serious news for her.

There’s not much that can be done when your idea of rolling up your sleeves and getting to work involves a heavy dose of social media. First, she runs to Twitter to claim that she was on the verge of being murdered at the Capitol building. She had every opportunity to admit to what had really happened but that’s not her style.

AOC is doubling and tripling down on her earlier statements. It does not matter if proof is provided because she does not care. The damage has already been done. She would rather fill her constituents’ heads with nonsense than tell them the truth.

They are easy to lead and we all know this already.

An elected official who lies to this extent should be held accountable. That’s what the Democrats have been telling us for the past four years. Trump and anyone who lied on the right side of the aisle needed to be dragged out of their chairs and read the riot act.

When AOC lies, the tune changes completely and all of a sudden, we need to be as understanding of her as possible. The jig needs to end sometime.