Here We Go: Biden’s COVID Clown Claims That Despite the Vaccine, Lock Downs and Social Distancing Must Continue


The pandemic continues to rage on and there is no end in sight. Every day, we hope that we can provide you with good news. Unfortunately, we can’t see that happening as long as Biden remains in power.

He’s committed to the status quo. To borrow a quote from the classic film Groundhog Day, “It’s gonna be cold, it’s gonna be gray, and it’s gonna last you for the rest of your life.”

There is a mutant strain of the virus that is attacking people who have already experienced the strain we are all accustomed to. If the vaccine that we are all supposed to be receiving right now is not going to keep us safe, what is the point?

Even Dr. Fauci does not seem all that confident. According to him, this is exactly what is happening in South Africa as we speak.

Brazil and South Africa are among the countries that have endured the outbreak for nearly a year now. Instead of being given a vaccine that is actually going to keep them safe, they are only delaying the inevitable. The new mutant strain of the virus is not going to be kept away by the existing vaccine.

From the looks of it, it is now a novel pathogen, creating a big issue for the powers that be.

New, ferocious outbreaks are looming on the horizon. The Atlantic has more about the issues that face Brazilians who reside in Manaus.

“Even in a year of horrendous suffering, what is unfolding in Brazil stands out. In the rainforest city of Manaus, home to 2 million people, bodies are reportedly being dropped into mass graves as quickly as they can be dug. Hospitals have run out of oxygen, and people with potentially treatable cases of COVID-19 are dying of asphyxia. This nature and scale of mortality have not been seen since the first months of the pandemic…

“Data seemed to support the idea that herd immunity in Manaus was near. In Science this month, researchers mapped the virus’s takeover last year: In April, blood tests found that 4.8 percent of the city’s population had antibodies to SARS-CoV-2. By June, the number was up to 52.5 percent. Since people who get infected do not always test positive for antibodies, the researchers estimated that by June about two-thirds of the city had been infected.

“By November, the estimate was about 76 percent. In The Lancet this week, a team of Brazilian researchers noted that even if these estimates were off by a large margin, infection on this scale “should confer important population immunity to avoid a larger outbreak.” Indeed, it seemed to. The city was able to largely reopen and remain open throughout its winter with low levels of COVID-19 cases,” their report reads.

The best-case scenario for America is as follows.

We will need to pay close attention to all of the mutant strains that are popping up all over the place. In all likelihood, we are going to have to receive many booster shots over the course of the next few years if we are going to be able to remain safe. Moderna and Pfizer are already in the process of working on booster shots for the South African variant.

We just hope that one of these variants does not have the ability to start ripping through America before the booster shots can be distributed. There is also a British variant that Pfizer and Moderna are less certain about.

This is why Dr. Fauci is so terrified. We can’t stop wearing our masks because the variants are going to start spreading like wildfire over here.

Since we do not want to leave you in a total panic, we have a few words to pass along from former FDA chief Scott Gottlieb.

He believes that the variants will not spread fast enough to overwhelm America as long as the vaccine regime remains aggressive.

Time is of the essence! Moderna and Pfizer must continue to act quickly.