Girls, Say Goodbye to Winning Sports Comps in School


Fairness and equality are hot topics now more than ever. When it comes to high school sports, there’s an important difference that has to be considered – boys versus girls.

There’s a reason why there have always been boys’ sports and girls’ sports. It’s not to say that boys are better than girls or that girls need special treatment. It’s because the bodies are different. The muscle tone and strength are different.

There’s a divide in the gender to ensure that it’s fair and equal.

As a result, boys play on the boys’ teams and girls play on the girls’ teams.

The problem is that when Joe Biden nominates Miguel Cardona for Education Secretary, it pulls up a lot of questions. Mainly, there is the question of transgender athletes playing in sports.

Joe Biden has said that he is in favor of signing the Equality Act, which would allow boys who identify as girls to play on girls’ teams – and vice versa.

Republican Senator Rand Paul had questions for Cardona. Specifically, he wanted to know if he would enforce the Office of Civil Rights opinion.

Cardona responded with a by-the-book response to say that it would be his responsibility to follow the civil rights of all students, including activities that they may engage in.

Paul pressed on, wanting to know if Cardona worried about having boys run in a girls’ track meet. Such things are already happening, including in schools in Connecticut.

Cardona replied saying that he thinks “ it’s appropriate – I think it’s the legal responsibility for schools to provide opportunities for students to participate in activities and this includes students who are transgender.”

Cardona is evading the question, though. He is talking about opportunities for students to participate in activities.

Paul understands the issues. He understands that if Cardona is confirmed and he decides to uphold this Civil Rights opinion, it would mean that girls would never win in sports again. If there is a transgender male on the team, they’re going to be able to run faster, push harder, and be stronger than the women.

Forget about taking any medications that may or may not affect their hormones. All it takes to identify as a transgender male is to simply say that they identify as the other gender. It doesn’t matter what their anatomy says and it doesn’t matter whether they’re on any kind of hormone therapy.

A transgender male who is only decent at sports as judged against other men could outperform all of the women. Particularly in sports where individual statistics matter such as track and swimming, it could be devastating for females who want to compete.

If a high school female is a swimmer and is looking for scholarships, those dreams could be squashed when a transgender male joins the female swim team. Why? He (she) is stronger. He (she) can power through the water faster. It’s not a fair comparison because there are biological differences in gender.

Paul knows all of this, which is why he presses for an answer from Cardona of whether he thinks it is okay for boys to compete with girls.

Cardona doesn’t want to answer because he knows that it sounds bad. He wants to stand for equality but he knows that it’s not equal. As such, he responds with “I believe I answered the question.” He did…but not really.

That’s when Paul calls him out completely.

He calls out every liberal who has ever tried to fight this battle. “I think the fact that you seem to be afraid to answer the question, or you basically do answer the question by saying it’s ok without saying it’s ok, really is a statement to a real problem we have and a disconnect between middle America and what most Americans actually believe.”

No one in their right mind is going to say that it’s okay for a male to compete with a female. Identifying that they are transgender should not give them a pass to compete on a lesser level.

There’s a reason why many female sports give different compensations – lower nets, closer tees, lighter balls.

Every female athlete in high school needs to prepare for losses. Whenever a transgender male joins the team, their chances of winning will decline dramatically, and they can thank Biden and the rest of the liberal politicians for that.