DeSantis Proves His Ways are Best for Everyone


The menacing media thinks that they have all of the answers. They believe that the liberals have the answers for everything and certainly can never make mistakes. Each time a Republican has something to say on a particular issue, they are quick to misrepresent what is being said.

And the media indeed loves to coverup the atrocities being committed by their beloved Democrats.

The latest story that they would love to forget involves Andrew Cuomo and how he covered up the nursing home murders. His order to put infectious people with the high-risk population was a terrible decision that he is trying to still pass the blame to others for.

The media has tried to ignore the matter, but when other Democrats start crowing about it, they have to look at it slightly.

Cuomo finally came out from hiding and spoke at a press conference regarding his role in the murderous plot to kill innocent people. The sad governor was high and mighty after receiving an Emmy for his supposedly well-done handling of the coronavirus. Cuomo needs to give the Emmy back for the horrible decision he made and for the way he is reacting to the issue.

Cuomo covered up the plot to kill by deliberately hiding the actual figures of the COVID-19 deaths. The executive order he passed out was well hidden in a pile of paperwork, carefully laid out to confuse people.

The order essentially mandated that patients with the coronavirus were to be shipped back to the nursing homes in an attempt to keep the hospitals open. That decision led to the deaths of thousands of people.

Andrew Cuomo was heralded as the next liberal genius that was to save humanity from themselves. But boy genius is proving to more of a problem than he is worth since he let his Emmy go to his head. And being a staunch liberal, he just cannot bring himself to admit his mistakes.

The way Cuomo handled the virus in New York became a list of what people should not do in order to combat the virus. And this is where Florida Governor Ron DeSantis comes on the scene and makes Cuomo look terrible.

Tucker Carlson interviewed DeSantis, and by the end of the talk, it was clear to everyone that DeSantis has it right when it comes to dealing with the virus.

The Floridian governor handled things the exact opposite of the way Cuomo has done things. The Liberal way blew up in Cuomo’s face, but the conservative way has beaten the odds.

DeSantis revealed that an order was issued which mandated that no patient would return to a nursing home as long as they were positive for the virus. He also mandated that special places be set up to treat coronavirus patients without any risk of cross-spreading to other people.

Florida has the largest population of elderly people. The orders issued by DeSantis kept the older population safe and virus-free. Cuomo killed people, and DeSantis saved people.

Andrew Cuomo continues to blame others and will not admit that he made a gross error with his decision. All he has to do is admit the problem and issue an apology, and things will turn around. But he has tried to cover it all up and turned into a Democratic scandal worthy of a criminal investigation.

DeSantis pointed out that the elderly people from New York are leaving in droves and moving to Florida because of the Cuomo effect plaguing the northern state.

DeSantis stated that “When I go around Florida, I will see New York license plates here. I doubt you see very many Florida license plates making their way to New York right now.”

DeSantis is a man that makes things happen. The choices he makes are based on logic and factual information free from bias and political agendas.

He is a man, like Donald Trump, that is doing a job of caring for people and doing what it takes to make their lives better. He has opened schools and let business owners decide what is best for their livelihood. He is what the people need right now.