Democrats Love Trump So Much They Continue to Find Ways to Keep Him in Washington


Donald Trump still captivates the minds of all Democrats. He silently predicted that he would keep them busy even after he left office. That is true in the sense that the afterthought of his presence continues to haunt the liberals to the very depths of the corrupted souls.

His voice is buried deep in their minds to the point that they cannot help but hear his voice as they sleep each night.

The liberals are so obsessed with the man that they have to somehow succeed at least once at making an impression on him. They tried to impeach the man twice and failed.

And now that he is out of office, they want to come up with some kind of bill that would forever destroy him from appearing in politics again.

Linda Sanchez from California is the latest Donald Trump lover that is seeking to instill her hatred on the man. She is introducing a bill called “No Glory for Hate” that will target the former President.

The bill intends to stop federal funds from being used on commemorations for the man. She also wants to remove any and all benefits that are his legally for serving as a president. She essentially wants to remove his retirement benefits.

Sorry. Sanchez stated, “For years, Donald Trump poured gasoline on lies, encouraging racism and hatred, then lit the match on January 6th. A president who has been impeached twice does not deserve the honours bestowed on a former president. We should never glorify the hatred Donald Trump personified as President. This bill ensures that there is no glory for hate, not a building, statue, or even a park bench.”

She forgets that her impeachment efforts failed to prove any wrong was done by the man. The fact is that he is innocent and does not deserve the hatred that Sanchez and the others are lobbying his way.

Her bill spells out that any president impeached twice will never see a benefit from being a president. Some people wonder why they put the word “twice” in the wording.

And the answer to that is because they still want to give Bill Clinton his benefits. These childish actions only show how far gone the liberals are in their thinking capacity.

Her bill goes on to mention other provisions like “An Act to provide retirement, clerical assistants, and free mailing privileges to former Presidents of the United States, and for other purposes.” These benefits have been given to presidents for decades. The bill also states that “Any former President that has been twice impeached by the House of Representatives on or before the date of enactment of this Act or has been convicted of a State or Federal crime relating to actions taken in an official capacity as President of the United States is not entitled to receive any benefit, other than Secret Service protection, under such Act.”

In essence, she sets Trump up to be stripped of all his protective rights, which puts American security at risk because there will be no one standing guard to keep him from being targeted by a domestic and international terrorist.

Sanchez has no clue as to what she is stating because she is blinded by hatred and cannot stand the fact that Donald Trump’s voice is etched on her mind permanently.

The Democrats want to be the judge and jury over Donald Trump. The problem they are having is that he was acquitted of all said fake crimes. And the impeachment was never a trial or a conviction.

The Constitution also dictates that no person can be tried twice for the same crime. So, their actions are highly unconstitutional.

Sanchez’s actions are juvenile at best. She is acting out on her hurt feelings.

She sees the man as a significant pain in her past, and now she wants to punish him for things he never did. Sanchez needs to step back and take a good look at what she is proposing. Her efforts could lead to all retired workers having their benefits stripped away.