Biden Appoints a Known Terrorist to His Security Council – Proving He Hates Israel


The Joe Biden band is out is again making a mess of things around the country and the world. The Democrats have never been favorable of Israel. Many of those that identify as Democrats have come out recently and vocalized their hatred for the tiny nation.

In fact, Biden is working hard to destroy the peace initiative that Donald Trump works hard to get in place between Israel and neighboring countries.

Biden wants to see an unstable Middle East. He wants to impose an atmosphere of mistrust and hatred between the Jews and the Muslims. This would give him a reason to meddle in their affairs.

The idea behind Trump’s idea of a peaceful Middle East is to stabilize the area and let them stand together against Iran. The nuclear hungry country is a royal pain to every country around them. They threaten and bully the weaker nations into getting what they want out of them.

And any people that oppose them are strangled to the point of death.

Iran hated Trump’s peace initiative. The idea of Muslims and Jews working together made them sick. And now that Biden is sitting in a chair that he does not belong in, they see a way to destabilize the area.

Biden took Palestinian-American Maher Bitar and put him in the position of senior director for intelligence programs. He will work at the National Security Council. This kind of position will allow the Palestinian to do whatever would benefit his people and put Israel’s security at risk.

Bitar is not a stranger to this position as he served there when Obama kicked back in the Oval Office. He also was Adam Schiff’s legal advisor when he was going after Donald Trump the first time.

This biased man is considered to be the worst choice for the job that Biden gave him. Palestinian people are part of the list that is watched because of the number of terrorists that come out of their midst.

The work he did for Schiff was to cover up the illegal activity that Schiff and Bitar were involved with inside of the Intelligence Community. They both used their positions to try and drum up fake charges against a man that stood for peace stability in a region of the world known for terrorism against Israel.

The exciting part of Bitar’s appointment is that he is supposed to have a lot of experience in the Intelligence Community. Bitar has zero experience with such matters.

His work in such matters was to run a school for young people that taught them how to hate Jews. This school fell under the protection of the United Nations because they identified themselves as a relief organization.

Documents show that 22 people within this so-called organization that Bitar is from were suspended for their role in inciting murder and violence. Donald Trump stopped the funding that was going to them because of their role in terrorism and anti-Semitism.

Bitar and Schiff worked together to fight against peace. Bitar’s past is wrapped in involvement in movements and organizations determined to destroy Israel. Biden may speak of peace with Israel, but his actions tell a different story.

Biden needs to appoint a person that will work for peace, and that has a desire to strengthen relationships between Middle East nations.

Biden continues to make the worst choices possible for the United States. His appointment of a man with no experience, ties to violent groups determined to destroy all Jewish people and see the nation wiped off the face of the planet makes no sense at all.

Bitar does not want peace in the Middle East. He wants to see Israel strangled and slow put to death. Biden is not a man that loves peace or Israel. He will work to strengthen the terrorists around Israel so they can murder and destroy the country one person at a time.

Donald Trump did the impossible when he brought Muslim nations together to unite the Middle East. There is nothing better than a region of the world that is known for violence, coming together for the common good of all people.