Troops Stay in DC So Pelosi Feels Safer


The troops sent from National Guard installations across the country have hardly been treated in a respectable manner. Photos have surfaced of many being shoved into the corners of parking garages. Hundreds of troops forced to share one bathroom and not even have a proper place to sit.

This is how the Democrats feel those in the military should be treated.

They see nothing wrong with the way the troops have been welcomed into DC.

The inauguration is over. Yet, the troops remain. Thousands have been ordered to stay put because the US Capital is still in need of protection.

Really? Are the troops supposed to be protecting the parking garages? Clearly, they’re not being allowed to do much else.

Nancy Pelosi is showing that she’s terrified. She’s terrified of what Trump supporters may do. She’s terrified that she’s not safe.

So, she’ll keep the troops away from their homes and their families. She’ll keep them away from the states where they’ve been sent. She’s made it obvious that her protection will come at the expense of protecting the rest of the country.

Why is Pelosi panicking so much?

Oh, right – they’ve impeached Donald Trump for the second time. Now, they’re preparing for the second trial – and the Democrats are focused on impeaching him once and for all. Such a move will prevent him from ever serving office again.

Pelosi and the rest of the lame liberals believe that he is guilty of inciting an insurrection.

Although those that mobbed the Capitol Building were supporters of Trump, he didn’t invite them to storm the building. They did that on their own.

The Democrats have proven time and again that they don’t like Trump. They’re scared of him. They’re terrified at the idea that he could come back and run again in 2024. The only way to stop him would be to impeach and remove him.

At this point, they are probably never going to leave him alone. Even if they can both impeach and remove him, they’ll harass him with his tax returns on his Trump properties. They’ll see to it that he is in jail for one thing or another.

The insecurities of liberal Congressmen shouldn’t keep troops away from their families. Yet, that’s exactly what’s happening.

Pelosi and her gang are afraid that the Trump supporters will come back for round two to show their displeasure for impeachment.

This should tell them something – maybe Trump has more supporters than they realize.

When nearly half the country voted for Trump, perhaps more people side with him than with Biden. They cannot turn their back on what Trump stood for. If Biden hopes to gain unity, he needs to acknowledge that there are people who loved Trump and all that he did for the country.

Inciting a mob? That’s what the Democrats could come up with?

It’s no wonder why there’s so much distrust within the country.

Was it really Trump supporters? Or, was it Antifa that simply decided to wear Trump hats and shirts to make it look that way? We may never know. The Democrats are hitting fast-forward on all of it so that Republicans don’t have a chance to ask questions.

The troops don’t have a choice. They stay because they’ve been ordered to do so. They’ll wait in parking garages.

They’ll take turns sharing the one or two bathrooms they’re given access to. And the longer it goes on, the more it will show just how little the Democrats think of the military.

At least Pelosi doesn’t get the machine gun that she asked for. The troops will be there more to serve as a deterrence than anything else.

Of course, there is chatter and investigations going about the possibility of protesters attacking members of Congress. It’s not surprising since many still believe Biden got into office by cheating.

If the Democrats really want sufficient protection, though, they’ll have to let the troops out of the parking garages.