The Backlash That Ted Cruz Must Wade Through


Ted Cruz has done nothing wrong. He’s been the voice of the people. He’s lived up to his job as Senator because he’s echoed the desires of the people he was elected to represent. Now, though, as Trump is impeached and a Democrat is heading into the White House, Ted Cruz must wade through a significant amount of liberal backlash.

Was the Senator from Texas partly responsible for the riot at the US Capitol? Absolutely not. He did not invite the rioters to storm the Capitol Building. He did not incite the violence.

Those who stormed the building were extremists – and that is not who Cruz is.

Ted Cruz has spoken openly and honestly from the very beginning. He is against censorship – and he’s taken on Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey on more than one occasion.

Now, as he speaks his truth, there are various senators who are looking to censure him. He’s guilty of being a voice for the people and nothing more.

Yes, Cruz was looking to overturn the election result. The answer as to why is clear, though. There are millions of Americans who voted for Trump – more than in any other election.

Yet, somehow, Biden was able to get even more votes. It seems as though voters who have never even thought about voting before came out to vote, and they voted for Biden.

It’s easy to see why there’s suspicion of voter fraud. The numbers just don’t add up.

Cruz represents a very red state. Texas voters voted Cruz in as a Senator because they know that he will speak for them. They want answers – and so Cruz did his job by trying to overturn the election results.

He didn’t want to see Trump lose the presidency simply because the other side cheated.

We are a democracy. We are not a totalitarian government. This means that we’re entitled to ask questions. We’re allowed to block proceedings until we get questions answered.

Ted Cruz stuck by the President of the United States – and he was not the only one to do so.

However, Cruz must now show that he’s not a terrorist. Truly, that is what he’s up against at this point.

Lauren Blair Bianchi, Cruz’s communication director, has tucked tail and run. She resigned because she didn’t want to be associated with his efforts to overturn the election.

The House Committee on Homeland Security is even going as far as suggesting that the Senator be placed on the FBI’s no-fly list.

This is absurd. Cruz stood on the Senate floor to argue for an audit of the presidential election. Then, shortly after, hundreds of Trump supporters stormed the Capitol. He did not ask for this. He simply has the same train of thought – we must question the presidential election results until we get a true and honest answer.

Many in the House and Senate are requesting that Ted Cruz resign – along with Missouri Senator Josh Hawley.

Wait, so by opposing an election result, two senators are not only going to get ostracized but forced to resign? What kind of democracy are we living in if two Senators cannot be the voice of 74 million Americans – the same number who voted for him in the election.

30 million more people voted in 2020 than they did in 2016. In just four years in the middle of a pandemic, there were 30 million more people who voted. Biden only won the popular vote by 7 million. The numbers don’t make sense – and that’s what Cruz has been fighting to question all along.

Silenced. Censured.

Now, Cruz must fight his way back into the good graces of Republicans and Democrats alike. He’s not planning on resigning. He’s insistent that he’ll continue to be the voice of the American people.

Thank God for senators like Cruz and Hawley who are actually doing their job. They’re the voice of the GOP, not the instigators of a mob scene.