Rubio Urges for Common Sense: Americans Over Migrants


The Biden-Harris administration is all about helping migrants. Let them come over! Open up the borders! All are welcome in the United States. Oh, you don’t have any money? No big deal, we’ll just tax our hard-working Americans a bit more to pay for it all.

How does any of this sound like a good idea?

Luckily, we have Senator Marco Rubio to talk sense into Congress.

We have to take care of Americans before we can start to allow more migrants into the country. We’re still in a pandemic. Millions upon millions of jobs have been lost. Allowing migrants into the country will only steal more jobs and lead to countless more dollars paid in unemployment.

Let’s just hit the pause button.

Thank you, Rubio, for trying to be the voice of reason. Clearly, the Democrats lack the common sense needed to protect the economy from complete and udder collapse.

Rubio’s comment isn’t meant to disparage immigration. It’s simply asking to hold off on making any sudden moves. “Before we deal with immigration, we need to deal with COVID, make sure everyone has the chance to find a good job, and confront the threat from China.”

This is not a crazy request.

Biden’s been writing executive orders left and right since he’s been inaugurated. Before he does anything that he can’t take back, he has to think about Americans.

Millions of Americans are jobless and millions more are living below the poverty line. The harsh reality is that we can’t afford to take in any migrants right now.

Biden has the plan to grant citizenship to illegals who are able to claim that they were in the country as of January 1. That adds up to millions.

And, what about those who graduated from foreign universities? They’d be able to scoop up the same Fortune 500 white-collar jobs that U.S. graduates are seeking.

Rubio isn’t alone when he’s saying that it’s important to hold off on amnesty. As someone who grew up in a household of immigrants, he understands the importance of immigrating to the U.S. However, it should not and cannot be at the cost of employing Americans.

There are areas all over the country that are high migrant areas. They’re also low-wage and high poverty. They’re seen in Florida, Texas, California, and elsewhere.

Is that what we need more of? Absolutely not.

There’s the very real possibility that Biden’s amnesty push would push American white-collar families into the same poverty and low-status future as so many of the blue-collar families already found throughout the country.

Come on, Joe. People voted for you based on your promise that you were going to heal the country and help the American people. Migrants are not the American people.

There has to be an order in which things are done. Granting citizenship to anyone, regardless of how many laws they broke to get into the country, is a bad move. Oh, so anyone here on January 1 gets citizenship.

Biden can’t run the country’s immigration program like the television audience of an Oprah show. You get citizenship and you get citizenship, everyone gets citizenship.

Too many Democrats don’t want to listen to Rubio because he’s a member of the GOP. He can’t possibly speak for everyone. Oh, but he does.

Ask anyone off the streets if they’d be willing to stay unemployed longer so that migrants can come in and take their jobs. It will be a hard no. Yet the Democrats will do it anyway.

There’s something seriously wrong when the Democrats would rather help migrants over Americans. Hopefully, Rubio and the rest of the GOP talk some sense into Biden. Otherwise, before we’ve even had a chance to end the pandemic, Biden will have signed an executive order into action that will forever change the country’s economy.