Representative Spartz Explains Why Liberal Idea of Socialism is Flawed


Socialism. It hasn’t worked. There are countless stories of countries that have tried it and have found out the hard way that it doesn’t work. So why is it that people like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and other liberals are hell-bent on bringing socialism to the U.S.?

If the liberals won’t listen to history, perhaps they’ll listen to Representative-Elect Victoria Spartz, who was raised in Soviet-controlled Ukraine.

The Republican for Indiana is all about helping to improve America but using things like healthcare reforms instead of allowing the Medicare-for-all movement that the left wants to push.

Spartz can speak firsthand about the “misery” that people see once socialism fails. She is alarmed by home so many on the left, including the younger generations, that have embraced the idea of socialism.

The representative left her home country at the age of 21 to seek what the U.S. had to offer in terms of love and new opportunities. Yet, now, at the age of 42, she’s suddenly about to deal with socialism all over again.

In an interview with Fox News, she mentioned how unbelievable the idea is, saying, “Of all of the countries in the world, our country put so much against this utopic socialistic idea that it’s crazy for me to see how quickly we made the turn to the left.”

Spartz is quickly making allies with some of the other GOP freshmen that will be entering the 117th Congress, which meets for the first time on January 3. This includes Floridian representatives Maria Elvira Salazar and Carlos Gimenez as well as New York representative Nicole Malliotakis. They’ve seen the problems with socialism, too, with parents who fled socialist Cuba.

Someone has to be ready to stand up to the craziness that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is promoting. The Democratic socialist believes that the best thing that could happen to America is socialism. Clearly, she never turns on the news to see what it’s doing to other countries around the world.

Socialism is based on the idea that the government knows what’s best for people instead of allowing people to decide for themselves. People would work only for it to be divided and given to those who don’t work as hard. Healthy competition and innovation would disappear because no one would be motivated to work harder.

Anyone who thinks that socialism sounds like a good idea hasn’t read the long list of cons. Advocates of the system only hear the benefits – an equal society, reduced poverty, and universal healthcare. They forget that means that taxes are higher and that it can lead to many people choosing not to work at all. Entrepreneurs may even escape to capitalist nations in order to thrive once more.

We need people like Spartz who understand the dangers of socialism. She lived in what she calls “the most advanced socialistic system” because of being in a country ruled by The Soviet Union. She’s concerned because there are young people, including quite a few on the far left who have made it into Congress, who preach topics of “collectivism” and refer to themselves as Marxists.

Isn’t America all about living a dream and being able to maintain freedom? This is where Spartz is confused. How can so many within the younger generation be okay with suppression of individuality and more government involvement? The younger generation is supposed to be liberal with the idea of “don’t tell me what to do.”

As she hears people call themselves Marxists, her first comment to them is, “Are you kidding me? Do you even know what it means?

Perhaps Spartz and others like her will be able to educate Americans on what socialism really is and what it would do to the country. It may be the only way to turn America around and ensure that AOC and others like her can’t spout their absurdities.

As Spartz has explained, the Democrats move to the extreme left and talk about crazy ideas that are easy to sell, but it leads to brainwashing. She believes the Republican Party has to do better about being trusted and delivering solutions that work better. Otherwise, socialism will enter the U.S. and when it fails, it will be a hard hit.