Political Aggression Moves to the Sky as Airlines Jump to Adapt


Welcome to 2021, where people have decided that they don’t know the meaning of civility. More and more people don’t care about showing basic respect to others, especially when crammed on a plane flying at an altitude of 30,000 feet.

American Airlines and other major airlines have rules. These are designed to ensure that the plane is able to get from one place to another without a major incident.

Unfortunately, they’ve been dealing with “politically motivated aggression” on more passenger flights, especially when headed to DC.

Since people don’t know how to behave themselves, the airlines are making some changes. It is all so that there are less likely to be problems in the middle of the flight.

When flights are headed to and from Washington DC, there is no longer going to be alcohol served. Since alcohol is known to help people lower their inhibitions, it will (hopefully) reduce the number of confrontations.

There have been several reported incidents where flight attendants had no choice but to confront passengers that were exhibiting aggression toward other passengers and even crew members. These acts of aggression were politically charged.

According to American Airlines, they have started working closely with both local law enforcement and airport authority partners to offer the highest level of safety to customers and team members.

It can be difficult to deal with aggressive passengers in the middle of the flight. All seems to go well until a passenger hears another passenger talk about the election, Trump, or anything that they don’t like. Rather than keeping their opinions to themselves, they lash out verbally.

In some instances, the lashing has been physical, too.

While physical assaults are rare, they’re becoming more commonplace. The idea is to keep peace on the plane. Obviously, when the plane is 30,000 feet up in the air, it’s not easy to just remove the problem passenger.

In some instances, emergency landings have even had to take place because of the problem escalating so quickly.

As the president of the Association of Professional Flight Attendants has revealed, they’ve become aware of several incidents on flights headed to Washington DC. While they are trained to handle inflight disruptions, they shouldn’t have to deal with verbal or physical altercations.

Flight attendants have been urged to “maintain situational awareness.”

As for passengers, they need to “remain extra vigilant.” Essentially, everyone needs to keep their hands and their opinions to themselves.

Liberals have seen firsthand that they’re allowed to get away with things. They bully their way through anything. Particularly in areas like Seattle and Portland, they know that they can scream and shout, throw Molotov cocktails, and do whatever they want without any kind of real deterrent.

Even if they’re arrested, the liberal district attorneys release them within a day without any charges.

Things are going to be different on the airlines. The various commercial airlines have all issued similar statements about how things will be handled if someone is found showing signs of aggression inflight.

It can result in being arrested (and charged) by the federal government upon landing. It can also result in a permanent ban from flying with a particular airline.

Perhaps if the liberals can’t learn to follow basic rules, they shouldn’t get the privilege of using airlines. Let them drive. Let them take the bus.

It’s a sad day in America where we have to teach people to have basic decency for human life. We’ve been fighting for the right to life for a while. Apparently, liberals are fine with abortion as well as killing innocent adults.

Rather than waiting until people are all safely on the ground, liberals are now ready to fight mid-air where flight attendants have to risk their mental and physical health to put an end to it.

Banning alcohol is a start but it’s likely not going to be enough. Unfortunately, too many Democrats are aggressive even without alcohol.