Hooray! Biden Outlaws Private Prisons… Or Did He?


Joe Biden is a man of his word. His relentless pursuit of shutting down America’s federal use of private prisons is a promise kept. Just like that, with no thought given to the negative aspect of such a dire move, he gave them the ax, along with a couple of thousand good-paying jobs, give or take.

In the Dems fabricated tales, thousands upon thousands of “barely” convictable prisoners have been shoved away in the deep dungeons of private prisons to never be heard from again. Biden promised to eliminate this horrid “mass incarceration,” when in fact, private prisons only house a slim 2% of our nation’s convicts.

Newly installed White House press secretary, Jen Psaki, when prompted, made this memorized statement, “President Biden is committed to reducing mass incarceration while making our communities safer. That starts with ending the federal government’s reliance on private prisons.”

It would be foolish to rely on a mere 2% of anything, and this is why in reality, we never have. It’s smoke and mirrors. In fact, Biden’s executive order will affect ‘less’ than 2% of every incarcerated individual in the country, with only 16% within that tiny percentage being locked up for federal crimes.

Biden’s order doesn’t mention any reductions of prison time, it merely means hauling busloads of prisoners from one location to another one. Many of them will no longer be able to receive regular visits from friends and family due to the distance becoming prohibitive.

Since the Department of Homeland Security operates under a shadow of darkness anyway, the slew of federal prisoners incarcerated in private prisons under their express rule and authority are not included in this new act. They will remain out of sight and out of mind.

So did Biden really keep his promise of “criminal justice reform? Hell to the “yuge” no. He needed a scapegoat and the federal use of private prisons was the only target he could find.

Biden has dipped his ladle into the Obama caldron of crap. Surprised?

Obama argued that because private prisons are profit-motivated, their use would cause incarcerations to increase. But the last time we checked, convictions still take place in a court of law, not in prisons, private or otherwise.

The freshly signed order prohibits the Department of Justice from renewing any existing contracts with “privately operated criminal detention centers.” Three cheers, right? Not even close.

It in no way affects private detention centers being used by other government departments and agencies.

For the past four years, liberals have been screaming bloody murder concerning the detaining of illegal immigrants at the Land of the Free’s southern border. A private prison group, Day One Alliance, said that “the vast majority of contractor-operated facilities” are the ones where these illegal aliens are being kept as they await deportation.

So what did Joe Biden do about that situation? Absolutely nothing.

To make better sense of the percentages, let’s look at this in terms of real figures.

Out of the 1.4 million currently incarcerated prisoners, give or take one or two, 116,000 are house in private prison facilities. Since Biden’s executive order is not inclusive of them all, only 28,000 prisoners will require relocation. And they thought conservatives were the ones who were easy to fool…

David Fathi with the ACLU, his heart all a-flutter, sang praises to the order as “an important first step toward acknowledging the harm that has been caused and taking actions to repair it.” Accolades were also extended from the Federal Prison Workers Union who stands to gain some new members due to staff increases to accommodate the new influx of long-term visitors.

Do you see what just happened? It’s impossible not to, unless you’re of the liberal persuasion, that is.

Biden just received a resounding pat on his old wrinkled back by 84 million of his ignorant voters for doing absolutely nothing of any significance, whatsoever, as his ardent fans danced in the moonlight.

Now, we could claim this as a clever move on Joe’s part to pull a fast one, but we would be incorrect in our assumption. This was the work of the guy sitting behind the curtain. And we all know that is…