Forget Crime, Let’s Remake Midtown


There’s a reason why New Yorkers are screaming. They absolutely hate Andrew Cuomo. The governor has no idea how to lead, though his ego won’t allow him to step down to give the state a fighting chance at redemption.

Crime is up everywhere, especially in New York City. His poor liberal decisions have allowed crime to run rampant – and there are higher violent crime rates than there have been in decades.

The governor is constantly crying that there’s not enough money. There’s not enough money to reinvest into the poor communities, there’s not enough money to hire city workers, and there’s not enough money for programs that will help to cut crime.

This is because Cuomo doesn’t know how to be fiscally responsible. The “tax me” state has some of the highest taxes in the country. New York can generate all of the money that Cuomo needs.

However, he isn’t going to use it on programs that can lower crime. Instead, he wants to spend $306 billion to give Midtown Manhattan a makeover.

Could New York City benefit from an investment in infrastructure? Absolutely. But it shouldn’t be at the expense of the safety of its residents.

Cuomo has big plans to roll out some major infrastructure changes. It could improve rail, bus, and air travel and prevent the state from going into an economic depression.

Here’s what Cuomo won’t tell you, though. It could take years to see all of the infrastructure changes carried out.

Additionally, all of the money spent would mean that other things won’t get done – like investing back into the communities so that the poorer families get the support that they need.

The New York governor wants to “acquire” a square block in Midtown to build what will be called Penn South. It will serve the New Jersey transit train traffic. As for how the trains will arrive, they’ll be on new tracks with a new tunnel built under the Hudson River. Gee, is that it? No wonder it’s going to be so expensive.

A map showing Moynihan Train Hall, Penn Station, and the new terminal Cuomo is proposing.

What’s even more surprising is that president-elect Joe Biden is all for the project, too. The project, known as Gateway, is said to be a priority. So, even Biden doesn’t know how to be fiscally responsible.

Cuomo wants to turn Midtown into the new epicenter for the country – and likely increase tourism. It’s a lofty goal but an expensive one.

What do the poor communities have to say? How are they going to benefit from Midtown’s redesign, complete with the acquisition of the MSG Theater so that Penn Station can enjoy a new entrance?

They won’t. They’ll continue to stay poor. They’ll continue to have their needs unmet. This is because Cuomo and the other Democrats of New York only look at how to turn money into more money.

They don’t care about crime rates. Who cares if there are murders happening in the streets? As long as it’s helping to bring more people into the city and raise tax revenues higher, what are a few bodies here and there?

Cuomo’s greed is causing him to kick common sense to the curb. There’s no way that it makes sense to spend hundreds of billions of dollars on this project when crime is obviously the first issue that needs to be tackled.

Why would he do such a thing? Cuomo explained, “It will be the most ambitious mass transit development in the United States of America.”

And there we have it. This project will feed his ego. The governor wants to leave behind a legacy.

It doesn’t matter if it will cost New Yorkers their lives. He’ll be able to say that he was responsible for creating the most ambitious mass transit development.

Although he might be able to take credit for making it happen, it will also be he who is blamed for the astronomical crime rates that coincide with the impressive transit infrastructure.